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A girl who is into Emo music, likes to wear black and listen to bands like "Taking Back Sunday" and "Thursday". Commonly stereotyped as cutters and criers, but may not cut and may not cry alot. Emo chicks lerv (emo boys)
That emo chick was totally rocking at the TBS concert!
by ashley April 24, 2005
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Intended to be used after your friends say or do something stupid. Best{beak ever.
Christine: That is so fetch
Ashley: Ewww. You did not just say fetch. End your life
by ashley April 1, 2005
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da totally bestest band eva !!!!!!!!!
especially cause of kris roe and chris knapp they r sexy yet really kute and hot
and their songs r da best (definetely)
and they rn't 2 much of a punk band
by ashley February 26, 2004
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A fan club for One of the greatest bands of all time, AFI. It costs thirty dollars to join, and all who join get a special package and special advantages.

Guy: Dude! I joined the DF!
other guy: Dude! I'm so jealous! That's a hardcore group of fans! and you get special stuff!
Guy: Dude! I know!
by ashley October 22, 2003
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When a guy thinks that a girl is hot or pretty but just doesn't want to say it so he looks "cool" He likes her he just doesn't want everyone to know..
Do you like Ashley?

Jeff:She's alrite

But what Jeff really means is that he thinks Ashley's hot and he likes her
by ashley January 14, 2004
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