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1.)People for which seem to exist to torment helpdesk personnel...

2.)AN extremely ignorant person who lacks the ability to poor urine from a boot with the instructions on the heel.

3.)An extremely ignorant person who has no concept of birth control, turn signals on suvs , how to use a cell phone , or drive. Most of which herd together to form a loose collective of babbling idiots. Most of which work from 9am to 5p breed , sleep watch the same repetitive shows on television and fart out one kid after another. <human robot- drone-borg> They barely know how to use a cell phone , or drive. they seem to herd together to form a loose collective of zombie-like humans. Who’s function seems to be to miss-spell every word in the English language , rant about issues that they are at fault for and cause help desk employees to have cardiac arrest, stroke, commit suicide or go postal in a fit of psychotic rage.

4.) A person who thinks that they are not on the Internet if they don’t log in to Aol.

5.) People for which windows does not seem to have a start button, know what a program is, don’t know that windows M.E. is obsolete, don’t use a nic card in their obsolete computer and insist on using usb instead .People who unfortunately breed quite a bit but have a very low intellect. And are in fact the major contributing factor to the coming cataclysmic end of the human race.

6.) A person who thinks they are genius, Yet who’s stupidity defies all reason or logic.

Aolers are often referred to in such manner as: , bottom feeding dredge fish
One who looses IQ point when they got to waste extraction, a plague to be exterminated...

The best example of an Aoler is seen during mid-day. One should observe them driving enourmous land vehicles that pollute the atmosphere. They can be seen trying to drive and use their cell phones- unsuccessfully And their screaming mutant children can be heard in most good restaurants or their unsanitary larva stage mutants can be seen in shopping carts near the meat section with a smelly diaper and a fly buzzing around the said mutant’s diaper. One should be careful when discussing computers in casual conversation around them as they all have issues with their computers they need assistance with and in all likelihood if they were to over-hear you discussing computers they would probably swarm you as you are the only one who might know how to fix their damaged machines.

by AnitChrist August 24, 2006

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Formerly a great place that upheld freedom of speech but now is more like fox news.

UD started out as a great place to define truths about government and idiots alike. But now they are a bought and paid for media whore like fox news who filters all of the good content and gives out fluff.

Urban dictionary: a great idea, that failed
by Anitchrist January 12, 2009

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Barbara Bush:

1.)Perhaps the most famous bigot on the planet.
Known best for her low regard of other races.

Barbara Bush's quote: "What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them." has been criticized for demonstrating her true bigoted self. As many believe.

2.) The woman who gave birth to the demonic entity known as George Bush JR.
Example of Barbara Bush:

Guy 1:Dude I went to this place and everyone Barbara Bushed me!
So I left.
Guy 2: Yea that happened to me at this school I used to go to...
Guy 1:Well it really mad me feel bad to be treated that way...

Example 2:
Oh no its the Kraken!!!!

It is rumored that George Bush SR has said “ I should have pulled out” when referring to The conception of the demonic entity that is the current president.

by AnitChrist September 10, 2006

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The worst movie download site on the net.
Don’t let them into your account and don’t trust them.
They have hardly no movies and what they do have is old
Their moves have expiration dates and it takes a long time to download the movies.

go to google and look up vongo sucks and you will find may people who agree.


Vongo sucks

example: take your money out of you purse and throw it in the air. it would give your more entertainment value
by AnitChrist January 23, 2007

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An Analog medium that was popular during the latter half of the 20th century to record audio.Introduced in 1964 by Phillips in the U.S. Compact cassettes became the standard up to the end of the 20th century and can still be found today in some retail outlets.

Cassettes were considered at the time to be a far easier method by which to carry music about and thus gained popularity amongst younger peoples especially due to the need to create “party mixes” of music recorded from FM(Frequency modulated) radio.
It should be noted however that on occasion some people did in fact record AM( amplitude modulated) broadcast on them as well as doing vinyl, 8track or reel to reel copies to cassette tape.

Cassettes are composed of two spools supported by a plastic case. Inside you will find rollers and a simple metal part with a felt pad that presses the part to be read or recorded against the play or record heads of the device… Like a reel to reel player. One spool would take up the magnetic tape from the other spool until it ran out of tape. In which case one would take the cassette out of the player/recorder and then flip the unit over to play or record on the “b” side. Recording and playing is done via a small piezo electric head(s) when the when the fero-magnetic tape was passed across record or play heads at a certain speed it’s content would be electronically reproduced or one could record sound to the tape provided that the recorder was in record mode.

It should also be noted that quite a few computer owners of the late 70s and early 80s used cassettes as secondary storage media for their various computers. Ranging from the apple II to the Timex Sinclair 1000. Cassettes could store programs quite well despite the load times for programs that sometime could require more than half an hour. Some computer software companies sold commercial grade software on cassettes.
Software such as chess, spread sheets, word processes and graphics were not uncommon as well as sequential company records. Back ups were relatively easy and of course so was pirating software as well. For those interested. There are quite a few simulators for Apple 2 and Sinclair and one could review quite a few titles that were once on cassette tape.

Write protection was done by removing the small plastic notches from the bottom of the tape which prevented the mechanical record button to be depressed unless one were to cover them with tape (such as scotch tape or even filling the empty holes- there were 2 of them)

Playback length: typically 30 minutes per side.

In the 80s quite a few companies marketed portable players. Most notable was the Sony walkman. These personal players at the time were the “ipod” if you will of that era…By today’s standard. Even the simplest and cheapest mp3 player can play quite a bit more than 30 minutes of music or course. a few of the portable units had am/fm stereo radios as well. These players could cost at the time more the $80 which was considerable if you keep in mind that jobs in that time paid far less money and the economy was controlled by a wealthy few who’s trickle down theory made it hard to make ends meet for the lower classes.

Cassettes are plagued with problems such as wear and noise. Which is common for analog recording devices that use magnetic tape. In addition to tapes being bound up inside players “a tape player eating a tape” they also were susceptible to magnetic fields that could erase them....Listening to a specific recording meant you had to search for it via tedious fast forwarding or rewinding the recording. Some tape players had a search function that would search through the tape till it found a pause and then would start at the beginning of the next song.

By contrast cassettes compared to memory players or cd/dvd are like comparing pen and ink to stone and chisel. We must conclude that cassette tapes and the like (reel to reel, vinyl, micro-cassette and 8track) are primitive by today’s standards and akin to stone knives and bear skin- technologically speaking as opposed to more modern refined audio technology of this age.
An ancient form of audio used by primitive man to record information. Very noisy and highly susceptible to magnetic fields, Often they were subject to extreme physical damage wear and tear.

Hey Joe, look at that aoler over there listening to a Sony walkman!
Joe : dang where does he buy cassettes?
Sally: go figure.
by AnitChrist June 19, 2007

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Pronounced <Rhee pee U blick Can>

1.)A homophobic man or woman who is usually –right wing- politically and intolerant…Who have the sexual maturity of a 12 year old prepubescent boy.
These people for some reason believe that a small portion of human society would want to marry toasters and use the phrase “sanctity of marriage” to disguise their apparently bigoted views on GLBT People.

2.) People who would seem to believe in fairy tales rather than science. And to spite the fact that GLBT people are who they are due to genetics and not choice or environment. Repuublicans still choose to through away science and embrace ideology or theology.

3.) Unbelievably dumb people who have no concept about sexuality with the exception of creating more and more population. Most of which force Christian –pro-life doctrine on women. Thus lower sex to the purpose of procreation only. And women to the task of breeding. Repuublicans believe that women have less rights than men. Especially in matters of procreation.

4.) A puritanical intolerant person. Who rejects science and embraces fundamentalist –Levite can views about sexuality. Most are ignorant and lack any form of understanding of anything that is outside of the confines of their belief system. Which they hold as the only true belief system.
Examples of repuublicans:

There are many examples of people who are repuublicans.

The entire bush family..
Mel Gibson
The Pope.
The entire staff of fox news.

These Are but a few examples.
by AnitChrist September 10, 2006

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Cornfed stupid:
Or simply CFS

People who demonstrate such a high level of ignorance and inbreeding that they are only good for manual labor employment or better yet ground up as fertilizer for agricultural needs.

The typical CFS person defines their status mostly by the size of their transportation. Which is the pickup truck. This is very important if a male intends on having a good chance to breed with the female (relative) of his choice The larger the pickup truck the more impressive he is to females (especially if the said truck has 4 wheel drive capability) and thus in the end larger truck =better choice. Children of CFS parents are sometime found to have genetic deformities. IE- 11 fingers rather than 10 and the ability to play the banjo from an early age…The typical CFS listens to country music and finds deep meaning in the words of one Merle Haggard Or Alabama. Songs like “okie from Muskogee” or “mountain music” have very deep spiritual meaning to them.

Favorite foods:
Mountain oyster. Which is the testicle of an adult pig that is apparently deep-fried.
Also corn on the cob, “string beans” hominy grits cornbread, chicken, pinto beans and pork chops.
It should be noted that in the country group - Alabama song “mountain music” the phrase “play me some mountain music” was replace by an unknown musician to “oh fry me a mountain oyster” this caught on quickly and many thought this would eventually become the anthem for West Virginia…

The best way to identify a CFS besides their lack of teeth, mastery of English language or cleanliness is by their flag. Which happens to be the confederate flag. Usually CFS will place a sticker of the flag on their vehicle indicating their dislike of cultures other than their own and demonstrating a wide range of intolerance…

CFS people can be found in professions such as septic service, coal mining and even corn farming…

The education of the average CFS used to be complete by the 6th grade. That has now changed to getting a G.E.D. and a 2-year tech school degree. (a considerable improvement from earlier times)
The children of CFS are subjected to a form of brainwashing commonly know as Sunday school, bible camp and recently Jesus camp. (Jesus camp where they worship a cardboard figure of President George Bush in addition to brain programming )

Arkansas, Indiana, West Virginia , North Carolina, Utah, Kansas, Tennessee and Ohio tend to have the highest concentration of these people.

When CFS are not working they like to spend their free time engaging in square dancing, country line dancing , cow tipping, cow or other forms of animal rape(more notes on sexual issues further in this text) and consuming large quantities of beer at their local bowling alley. CFS (mostly males do engage in homosexuality quite often. Besides animal rape. In private they tend to engage with others of the same sex while in public denouncing homosexuality as against their faith)

CFS faith can be summed up as follows:
Most believe in the King James version of the bible despite that it has been re-written multiple times apparently…They tend to believe in the profit Jesus who is said to have been a virgin birth.(a biological impossibility and fairytale equivalent to that of unicorns dragons and fairies)
And who’s teachings according to the KJB are love and tolerance, Yet CFS tend to ignore his teachings when they have tied someone they consider evil to the back of one of their clan’s members Pickup truck and take said evil doer for a “late night run” A form of forced cardio vascular exercise by which the evil doer may not live. (yet another form of entertainment for the CFS)

Mostly the men form a club of sorts that displays love and brotherhood for them. They tend to follow Halloween traditions and disguise themselves as ghost with sheets and toast marsh mellows while burning a complementary cross on a neighbors yard.
In addition to provide beatings and many other free services for their community. They also control quite a bit of money, weapons and local government. Their guide of course for these activities is the previously mentioned King James Bible.
The women’s organizational activities are as follows: Baking pies and bearing children…that’s about it.

mostly pictures of the civil war from what I have researched. Also images of their faith and quite a few painting of the mythical being one Jesus Christ who is said to have taught tolerance and peace (Strangely CFS seem to uphold the teachings of their profit while at the same time being intolerant and adversarial)
Cornfed Stupid:
Perhaps the best example of CFS are the majority of the people who live in the bible belt. Most of which are aolers. CFS people tend to breed with their sisters or 1st cousins, are racist, white (mostly) and go to church 3 times a week.
They can be recognized easily(men mostly) by a large lump protruding from the insides of their mouths, constant winter green smell, southern drawl and their constant spitting of brown juice from the large ball of tobacco they ingest through their tissues despite numerous warning of toxic side effects.
by AnitChrist April 03, 2007

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