A pipe used for smoking freebase crystal methamphetamine. It is a glass cylinder with and opening on one end and a bubble on the other end. On the top of the bubble, this is a small hole. Methamphetamine is placed inside the bubble while it is vaporized by holding a lighter underneith the bubble. The pipe is rotated constantly so the methamphetamine does not overheat and burn. The vapors and then inhailed through the opening on the other end.
1. Yo, can you blow me a peizo?
2. I need a blowtorch so I can blow a peizo.
by parano|a December 29, 2004
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piezo:pressure press tight ,squeeze,

may refer to an pick-up configuration on the elctric bass.
1: my new piezo pick-ups add this sweet punchy tone.
by psychobasspantsman May 25, 2005
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