A VHS tape which consists of poorly taped, and edited scenes from movies, and television randomly inserted, repeated, and paused, created by Rizzo in his basement. Poorly taped, as it may be, it still provides hours of entertainment. Mainly the content on the tape can be classified as chomedy, only two are in existance, and soon we fear that they will become extinct.
1. You're watching 15 pure minutes of Benny from Total Recall. It's the tape.
2. Schwarzenegger keeps kicking down a door whilst DeVito tries to stop him "Aw no!" The tape!
3. Out of no where Hulk Hogan is in a big rig smashing through an ambulance! The Tape.
4. What're you gonna do with those pies boys?
5. A bunch of random heads explode.
6. Oh baby take me to heaven! Your request is my demand! AW NO!!!
7. Kurt Russel keeps saying "Wang!"
by Kyle Ligenza March 2, 2008
Magnetic tape, commonly referred to as just tape, is very thin plastic tape coated across the length of it with a magnetic substance. For example, it could be coated with iron oxide (Fe₂O₃) or chromium dioxide (CrO₂). Both of these formulas were used in the compact cassette, or cassette tape, a format that stored audio signals on this magnetic tape, running past stationary tape heads at a speed of 1.875 inches per second. Magnetic tape was also used on video recording formats such as VHS, Video2000, and Betamax. It is also used in the high-end recording market, and there it is called reel-to-reel tape.

Tape can also be used as a slang term for recording something on tape (For an example, see below)
I have so many tapes, now I can listen to all kinds of music!
Most VHS tapes contain 246 meters of magnetic tape, all wound up on a spool.

Person 1: Hey, can you record (program x)?
Person 2: Sure! I'll tape (program x) on (device of choice)
by EricICX September 29, 2018
A male's hair line done at the barborshop , used mostly in southern Florida, Broward County.
-Go get a tape
-man you need a tape
-damn they fucked up your tape
by heatdynasty January 1, 2006
1. The things you have under your bed you jack off to and don't want your mom to see, aka your porn tapes.
2. A handy tool which you can do a lot of stuff with, for example, you could tape your girlfriend to the wall, or shut someone's mouth up, y'know, normal things.
1. I know where your porno tapes are.
2. Shut your fuckin mouth or I'll pull out some tape and do it myself!
by definitelynotarapist August 7, 2017
To duct tape someone's legs together from behind when they aren't looking so that they fall over.
"Andy taped Rebecca so badly today! She was rolling around on the ground for like ten minutes. I felt kinda bad."
by gogil January 31, 2010
Paralyzed by bureaucracy or official procedures such that you are unable to hang out with your friends or otherwise have fun.
Guy 1: It's National Margarita Day! Let's get drunk!
Guy 2: I'm at the DMV trying to get a new license, there's mad red tape; I'm taped.

Guy: Hey, what are you doing tonight? Want to get dinner?
Girl: I can't, I'm taped to my W2s. Today is the last day to file taxes.
by AnctRome August 13, 2013
An adhesive band used for affixing one thing to another.
I duct taped his arm back on to his body.
by Eyeballflyball July 22, 2003