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A VHS tape which consists of poorly taped, and edited scenes from movies, and television randomly inserted, repeated, and paused, created by Rizzo in his basement. Poorly taped, as it may be, it still provides hours of entertainment. Mainly the content on the tape can be classified as chomedy, only two are in existance, and soon we fear that they will become extinct.
1. You're watching 15 pure minutes of Benny from Total Recall. It's the tape.
2. Schwarzenegger keeps kicking down a door whilst DeVito tries to stop him "Aw no!" The tape!
3. Out of no where Hulk Hogan is in a big rig smashing through an ambulance! The Tape.
4. What're you gonna do with those pies boys?
5. A bunch of random heads explode.
6. Oh baby take me to heaven! Your request is my demand! AW NO!!!
7. Kurt Russel keeps saying "Wang!"
by Kyle Ligenza March 02, 2008
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