ONe without having a male sex organ or one that lacks courage.
Cletus is DICKLESS because he doesn't want to step up to that hottie.
by fun-o-bunz August 13, 2003
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A word to describe men or boys who pick on women or girls to boost their self esteem. These creatures will feed on your insecurities to feel okay about his own. He is generally without any very good friends. This is just a more creative term for an asshole and such.
Boy: You are a flat bitch!
Girl: Take a look of what's in your own pants before you tell me what's in mine dickless!
by +vibes+ June 21, 2014
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usually a male, with a lifted truck from orange county. dickless because the height of their truck compensates for the lack of size in the bulge. they drive brand new full sized trucks that are raised high enough to the point of stupidity. will also never see dirt or mud, which is typically the point of lifting a truck. instead they drive it around to look badass when infact they are far from.
"how is the weather up there you dickless fuck?"
by jayare September 23, 2005
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Oi Sam! go for it man it that shit, or are you dickless?
by joosy poosy May 4, 2003
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Some one with no Dick. A dickless Prick!
Everyone here in the video store is fucken dickless.
by Ray September 30, 2003
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