Something certain people don't have.....

Especially if they are naive about a lot of things. Also maturity is a factor in obtaining CFS.

Moving to somewhere that's a half hour from your current job...

Not doing that is just Common Fucking Sense
by Avatarctica July 02, 2009
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Can't Find Shit! Use this to describe your frustration when you can't find something you are looking for.
Could someone help me? I have looked everywhere and I CFS!
by sistafeed November 08, 2007
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Cruising For Sluts. Patrolling retail areas (shopping centres, malls) by car or on foot looking for nubile specimens of the female species.
Person A: What are we going to do for lunch today?
Person B: How about CFS down in the mall?
Person A: Sounds good to me!
by $peedster July 24, 2005
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