used by teenage boys to signal if he thinks a female is 'tight'. instead of screaming it out he can guess at how tight she is such as '5p' which means the girl is as tight as a 5 pence piece. if you come across a fat slag then she will probably be a £5 coin, about as big as the palm of your hand.
*tom spots girl*
tom: toby!! toby over here!!
*toby looks around and clocks the girl*
toby: holy shit 5p!!
*both laugh*
by teby September 20, 2007
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When the anal sphincter increases and decreases in size in a very short space of time, often when faced with an uncomfortable situation.
When my girlfriend missed a period my arse was going 5p-10p!
by Andi Veevers May 6, 2005
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Expression used when you spot a dapper looking older man and want to compliment him on his looks in a Rupert Everett type way with a view to future sexual contact .
My I say, you're looking 5p for a cup of tea today, would you care to share custard cream with me later...
by Bobby angel August 29, 2017
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Petit Peut-être Potentiel Pour Proximité,

Durant un talking stage incertain, la personne n’est pas encore un crush, mais un petit peut-être potentiel pour proximité. Se dit d’une personne ayant slider dans les DMs et pour laquelle nous démontrons une interêt.
L: Je parle à ce gars là depuis quelques semaines, mais c’est rien de sérieux. Je sais pas comment l’expliquer. C’est pas un crush, mais…

A: Oh! C’est ton 5P?

L: Exactement!
by Ant_abc123 March 2, 2022
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Someone who is dangerous to your environment and you can never get rid of them.
Uck, had enough of her shes a right 5p bag!
by aw9 January 25, 2019
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