An example of an mp3 player that kicks a Apple ipod in the face majorly. ipod states the ipod nano (1gb) has a battery life of 14 hours and can hold upto 250 songs in total and has a price of $219.
While the Sony NW-E107 Network Walkman (1GB)has a maximum battery life of 70 hours on 1 AAA battery, can hold upto 695 ATRAC3 songs and with a price of $150 it clearly is a better choice.
walkman VS nano
person #1 : Hey, theres a pic of you on my nano,have a look.

person #2 : Hmmmm....i dont think thats me, the screen's way too small to see photos on.

person #1 : Oh can fit more photo's than you will probibly ever need soo who cares.
by David Healy August 14, 2006
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Grandad: Unfortunately I had only brought a couple of tapes with me for the whole trip, so I was soon bored with my Walkman.

Child: WTF?!?
by Curly Scot February 22, 2009
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The plastic 'back casing' of a legit Sony Ericsson Walkman that holds the battery in.

Using the arrow sticker on the inside of the casing it could be used as a Squaid-o-meter to detect the presence of Squaids. It could also be used to detect people who were 'going sick'.
"I've found the source of Squaids!"


"Using my Phony Ericsson Walkman, this specimen was going sick and had high levels on the squaid-o-meter!"
by SlimSquaidy June 10, 2021
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"Have you tried açaí bowls with the peanut butter?"
"Of course açaí is so walkman"
by thewordperson123 May 30, 2021
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