the action of surprising a peer by placing one, or multiple fingers in the anal passage of the victim by force. Most comonly undertaken whilst the victim is wearing pants so that anal fluid is not emmited onto the assasins finger/s.
"dude hold my drink whilst i spool banksy"
"brendy spooled me so good the other day, he went all the way to his knuckle!"
"fuck me! i get spooled so often that they will hafta start using a fist to spool me!!!"
by Geoff Blundstone July 24, 2006
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1. The act of spinning a turbocharger to optimum operating RPM to create boost

2. Device used to lock the axles of a differential in automotive use so that the axles work as 1 and the inner wheel travels the same distance as the outer. Also known as a locker and can come in a mini or full spool varient.
Usually illegal on the street. Mostly used in motorsport type events such as drag racing, burnouts and drifting.
1. Geeze hear that thing spool up? Must have a massive turbo!

2. My LSD is starting to play up, I might have to go a full spool if I want to keep doing burnouts.
by FRYTONIGHT June 19, 2006
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A cylindrical device originally used to hold a long strand of cable, rope or thread. More commonly used in single men's appartments as their first coffee table.
by SWZ September 26, 2003
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An object file that comes with printer capability files, only for looks.
Delete the satanic spool file!
by larstait October 14, 2003
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a new word for gay prick (new word that teachers dont no and u cant get in truble for saying it)
tom is new to this town and finds out there is a spool living next to him
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Conjuction of Super-Cool, for those of us too lazy to use two words when one does just fine.
Person 1: I got laid last night!

Person 2: .. um.. Spool!
by TwistedFigure April 17, 2005
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Hooking a fish that takes off, pulling all the line on your reel.
He was big 'un. So big that he spooled me, and broke the line.
by Scrivener July 5, 2006
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