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The art of picking up babes, performed by luring them in with bait like temptations(like fishing). Babes reeled are often times older then the pursuer. Common bait used is smart water, corn dogs or any 7/11 delicacy.
Man, I can't believe he reeled her. He is so much younger then her. I wonder what he used as reeling tactics.
by storts October 14, 2011
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Reel is an extremely funny girl with a great sense of humour. The name is originally Arabic so you may of not heard of it before. Reel is also known as a girl with gorgeous hair and luxurious curls with eyes so sharp they could pierce right through your soul...
‘Did you ask for Reel’s number yet
‘Have you seen Reel?’
by Reeellly June 15, 2018
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Is most commonly used for a WR (Wide Receiver) when catching an “out of this world” catch. But there is a huge difference between a catch and a “reel”. A catch is just a simple grab that gained a few yards or a touchdown. But a “reel” that is something unbelievable even majestic, a head turner something that could be featured on a newspaper.
For example “Julio Jones” side line catch in Super Bowl LI.
“Did he just Reel that?!”

“That looked like a clear interception, but Julio Jones just Reeled it away from him”
“He just Reel it in with just one hand?! That’s gotta be the greatest catch I’ve ever seen!”
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When someone is wearing pants with a word on the butt and one of the letters is sucked in between their cheeks. The word rebel, for example, becomes reel.
That girl is reel! She's reelin' it up!
by ClitsRus April 21, 2008
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To spin round and round, often rock 'n' rolling in a particularly cookin' manner.
Chris Tucker Voice Oh my god, man! Did you see that shit?! He can reel and rock like a mother fucker!
by Green Will December 12, 2003
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When a person retracts a comment that should not have been said or was received poorly.
Joe was reeling after he told his ex she was untrue to her word.
by ShawnyBee November 24, 2017
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