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a sexually alluring young woman. (Sometimes considered derogatory.)
"Your girl there, she's a nice bit of skirt."
by Alexandra July 27, 2004
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sexual intercourse that takes place on or at the end of a table.
"We were going to Simon and Lisa's for supper, but then caught them having a Table Ender and it spoilt our appetites, so we went out to a restaurant instead."
by Alexandra July 28, 2004
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Our cousin in the States says wanger, but the rest of us in London say whanger.
by Alexandra July 29, 2004
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Worst band ever...especially because all you "im-so-punk" kids think they're really good. Some of the absolute worst, fake, whiny, mtv-manufactured lyrics I've ever seen. And they always have to be mad cause blah blah they're girlfriend is a bitch and blah blah their parents don't love them and blah blah they're addicted to drugs. SHUT THE FUCK UP!
IM SO PUNK BECAUSE IVE GOT A MOHAWK AND YELL ABOUT HOW IM SO COOL CAUSE I GET HIGH AND STUFF AND yeah, im depressed and i hate my girlfriend .. anarchist forever!! *cough*.
by Alexandra March 26, 2005
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a term used by a lacrosse player that describes something as awesome
When Megan scored wicked goal, her team shouted that it was "lacrossome."
by Alexandra May 19, 2006
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The famous member of the dolling community, owns bondchick.net, Nevaron RPG and doll site called "Bondchickz". Royal Mud Queen.
Nett had a "they fight crime" dolling contest on bondchickz.
by Alexandra July 21, 2003
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