65 definitions by Alexandra

1. An exclamation of denial
2. adj. for intense or speedy
1. Like fuck I'm going out with him again, he was all over me at the cinema and I didn't even know his full name!

2. We went at the yardwork like fuck and finished that afternoon!
by Alexandra July 27, 2004
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A lunchbreak comprised entirely of alcoholic beverages, and no food.
"With all the lay-offs that morning, it was rough. I hit the bar around the corner for a liquid lunch mid-day."
by Alexandra July 27, 2004
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A euphemism used when a story's actual details are too complicated to understand, or too embarassing to get into, or just too boring to bother with wasting the other person's time.
"Why did you two break up?"
"Long story, no plot."
by Alexandra August 06, 2004
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One who is acting crazily and/or energetically. Usually used by parents in reference to their overly energetic children.
During the Holidays, when everyone visits, our house is filled to the brim with mad alecks.
by Alexandra August 17, 2004
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when a man puts his dick between his legs and it looks like a vagina
u have a man-gina...stupid bo
by Alexandra April 02, 2005
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The famous member of the dolling community, owns bondchick.net, Nevaron RPG and doll site called "Bondchickz". Royal Mud Queen.
Nett had a "they fight crime" dolling contest on bondchickz.
by Alexandra July 21, 2003
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