65 definitions by Alexandra

a very coool silly good lookin fella.
your soo cool, almost as cool as colin
by Alexandra December 16, 2004
BST is love (a signature of Charli at BST)
by Alexandra May 15, 2004
adj. 1.) extremely silly
2.) One who is extremely silly
1. "It's plain barmy of you to think he is a still a virgin at 22!"

2. "Oh, nevermind Sarah. She's not all bad, she's just barmy."
by Alexandra July 27, 2004
A tranny-slut, with 3 penis's and vagina queefs!
u are such a bo you cunt fucker bo head.
by Alexandra April 2, 2005
to hurry up and move it ALONG!
ay yo..VAMOOSH! We only have 2 minutes! damn...
by Alexandra April 22, 2005
inadequete, failure, lack
These symptoms are shown by deficiencies in her genes, which don;t produce enough protein.
by Alexandra February 12, 2005
A phrase used to indicate that a romantic or sexual relationship has ended, or is, as when the wheels do fall off a wagon, kaput. Sometimes heard as "wheels fall off the wagon" or "wheels falling off the wagon"
"She found out he was also shagging her brother and so the wheels fell off the wagon then."

"Her incessant screwing around on him made the wheels fall of the wagon, and he dumped her."

"If he keeps that up, I can see the wheels falling of the wagon soon."
by Alexandra July 29, 2004