A racing team in Lompoc, CA. Well, if you want to call it a racing team. Mostly hondas with some broken-engrish speaking drivers. Poser Mobile lookalikes. One of their names rhymes with "Pie" or something.
Holy shit! I think that was one of veiled's cars. That shit passed me in like, ninth gear. Sounded like a weedeater. Buckle your seatbelt, I'm about to blast that civic.
by FsckStick April 7, 2006
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A basketball term used to describe the ankles of an opponent after he or she has been crossed over.
Paul Pierce had his ankles veiled by Joe Johnson.
by RocketsFan50 November 29, 2012
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An excellent New Zealand/English alternative rock band fronted by acclaimed singer/songwriter Finn Andrews. They have a sound described as "A Swan being lightly stroked with a chainsaw".
They like words and big scary noises and are signed to Rough Trade Records.
Modern music is so vapid and predicable, I pretty much only listen to The Veils now.
by MarlenaV August 10, 2008
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Equipped by shuns when rioting aboot the streets. It is for protection against the pepper spray and tear gas. Very rad, very rad.
Check out this totally wacked out shun veil that is up in the feezy fo sheezy.
by Cock Friend December 9, 2003
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A female who plays a male character in an RPG; the flipside of a mangina
She is a dedicated veil, plays a male half-orc thug overtime that screws everything that moves.
by Bovine Love September 12, 2015
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An American death metal band from Oak Park, Illinois signed to Sumerian Records. They name is taken from the George William Russell Poem of the same name. As of 2010, they have released three albums.
I'm going to a Veil of Maya concert this weekend.
by Pacash80 June 17, 2011
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A group of sexy ass dudes from the midwest who drink beer and make noise by playing instruments. Listening to them makes you 547 times cooler than you already are.
Listen to Veil of Maya if you want to be cool.
by heshasaurus February 4, 2010
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