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A comedy TV series created by Dan Harmon in 2009. It focuses on the lives of a ragtag study group at a mediocre community college. Comedians Joel McHale and Chevy Chase star in the series.

Overall, a hilarious comedy.
Hey, lets watch Community tonight.
by February 09, 2010
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NBC's Community follows ex-lawyer, Jeff Winger as he tries to get a legitimate bachelors degree after he was dis-barred from his old law firm. Enrolling at Greendale Community College, a school that prides itself on being the 2nd best Community College in the state (by, Jeff creates an imaginary Spanish study group, in an attempt to date Britta Perry, a fellow Spanish class mate. In doing so, Jeff walks in on a real study group that Abed Nadir (another Spanish student) has invited in Jeff's absence. The new group consists of Annie Edison (the brainy go-getter), Troy Barnes (the drop-kick jock), Pierce Hawthorne (the old one), Shirley Bennett (the Christian single-mother), Britta Perry (the drop-out anarchist), Abed Nadir (the Television totem) and Jeffery Winger (the dry, quick-witted ex-lawer who can talk his way out of any situation).

Throughout the show's current 5 seasons, the study group have become a family of loveable misfits indulging in mis-adventures time and time again. Whether it's whole campus paintball tournaments, saving their school's a-sexual Dean, Craig Pelton, or planning elaborate heists, Community is a clever comedy that never talks down to its audience (unless you count gas-leak year) and is a treat to observe for anyone with a sense of humour.
Guy 1: "Hey man, want to watch Community?"

Guy 2: "Yeah-HELL YEAH! I'll grab the snacks!"

Guy 1: "Season 1, 2, or 3?"

Guy 2: "All of em'!"
by SUPERMANWANNABE January 28, 2014
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An interacting population of like-minded individuals, affecting the identity of the given members and also their cohesiveness. In gaining similar social perceptions gives them a sense of solidarity that may or may not lead in the exclusion of other individuals that do not share one or more of their like-mindedness.

Communis comes from a combination of the Latin prefix com- (which means "together") and the word munis probably originally derived from the Etruscan word munis- (meaning "to have the charge of").
(Wikipedia 2008)
The members of that community 'unanimously' agree that things should be kept wholesome within a relationship (minus the making out), but are unaware that one of their number, presumably their leader, has already engaged in oral sex, among other things.
(ALSO, see numbers 1 and 2 of hypocrite)
by starcomplex January 24, 2009
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A show that ended in the early 2010s. It's a pretty damn good show if you watch more than a few episodes
Have you seen community?

Yeah its great
via giphy
by bjebdbdednejde November 11, 2020
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Something that is to be shared among friends, usually food or drink, and always from the same container.
That community wash was dirty but honest
by neillees November 04, 2008
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A group of people who believe that cryptocurrencies have value and attend events and do activities where the believe they will receive digital tokens that they can exchange for real money in the future.
Our ICO has such a strong community. We had 1000s of people show up to our air drops around the world
by cryptowinner April 17, 2018
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