Brand of clothing in which all rich girls love. Found in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maine (when all the girls go to camp), Florida, California and Arkansas (when Paris and Nicky were there!)
"Oh my gosh, I love your new Juicy hoodie!"
by Laura and Elana January 28, 2004
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A brande of clothes popular with jappy girls but not limited to them. It is popular in areas where money is endless including New York City, The Main LinePA Shorthills NJ, and West Chester NY. (These are not the only places where Juicy Couture is popular.) The quality of Juicy clothing has gone down in the past few years and has become less attractive as well. Although the track suits are incredibly comfortable.
A Juicy zip-up is $88-$115

Juicy Sweats are $75-&125

Juicy Jeans are $135-$175

I adore my new Juicy jeans I think I'll wear them next time I go shopping.
by Anonymous August 28, 2004
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Overpriced clothing line founded in California. Makes cute clothes for girls/women. They are known by their fancy crown logo.

The clothes are sold in upscale department stores. Very cute items but way over-priced.
I just bought a juicy couture nightgown for 150 bucks.
by juiced.. May 1, 2008
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A really hot clothing line sold in stores like Nieman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, and Bloomingdales. They are famous for thier track suits which are separates that come in skirts, hoodies, cropped hoodies, capris, shorts and pants. They come in a variety of colors and terry cloth, fleece or velour. Only hot girls wear juicy!!!
hey margaret! I went to Neiman's yesterday and got this really hot juicy sweat shirt!
by only the coolest girl March 22, 2005
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A clothig line that is infimous for it's "j" charm on the hoodies. you must be in good shape to rock the Juicy look or you'll seem like you are trying too hard. Real Juicy Girls don't wear the screen t-shirts that adorn messages such as "give Juicy a chance". The real Juicy girls ony rock the tracksuits and jeans.
It's all about the "j" baby.
by It's all about the J baby April 22, 2005
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The best goddam brand out there!!!!!!!
Its not only for rich girls it for people who just love fashion!!!! It is stylish and a lot less cheap then prada, Gucci, etc.
Omg i so want that juicy track suit.
I love your new juicy zip up.
I have the matching juicy skirt to that top.
by Lag August 25, 2004
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An overrated brand of clothing that stupid little teenage girls consider "designer". Designer my ass.

Juicy Couture tracksuits are as fashionable as Uggs.
When was the last time you saw a Juicy Couture hoodie on a runway model?

If you consider $90.00 hoodies "designer", you might want to get a reality check.

The last time I checked, guys don't find sloppy tracksuits, bear paws, and baggy clothing "hot".
Airhead #2: We are soooo rich chickkkssss!!!!
by INeedAMEDIC July 3, 2011
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