to the absolute peak (or crest)
he's a fucking ring piece isn't he? to the brim!
by ya muvaaaaa August 9, 2007
Brim Brim:
Something you say when the previous conversation has come to a standstill so you appeal to the other taker's nerdy side by creating a word with no definition to distract him or her from the dead conversation.
Person 1: Awww that sucks :(
Person 2: Brim Brim
P1: What?
by Porno Peyton August 30, 2015
Blood gang from California which was started in the 60's
Brims are one of the first 5 sets of Blood in California
by BanG-out Brim February 13, 2005
To have one or more bodily orifices, vaginal, anal or oral, filled with fluid, semen, sexual organs or devices. To be made full and plugged to the point of ecstasy.
Example 1: Carl's girlfriend is such a slut. She loves a good bukkake whereby every hole she has is left Brimming with cum.
Example 2: Roger invited two of his buddies over and gave Carla a thorough pounding. She was plugged in every orifice and she was Brimming with man meat.
Example 3: Carla was a alone and horny. She surfed internet porn while she used several Diddledos including a cucumber, a broom handle and floppy cyber skin cock to fill her love holes and spent an hour Brimming herself online.
by Eaton Holgoode May 7, 2015
Another word for 'bro' or 'mayne'
"What's up brim?"

"Yeah, I'm goin to hang out with my brim."
by thewhitetunechi January 29, 2012
Synonom for cap; phrase to lie

Word created and founded by FaZe George Floyd
by coolbro50 December 3, 2020

the act of filling a container to the brim
man 1: can I get another glass of wine
man 2: yeh mate I’ll brim you

past tense:

man 1: me and andrew were totally brimming our shots last night
man 2: we should do some brimming somtime
by Anne Spank February 5, 2019