Also known as angeldust. Probably the scariest of all drugs. Was used as a horse tranquilizer. Makes the user hallucinate, become extremely violent, and not feel anything. People have been known to do horrible things to themselves while under the influence of PCP. DO NOT USE PCP. DO NOT. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.
PCP scares the shit out of me. It is evil.
by Darla Washington February 1, 2004
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Just smoked that shit yesterday. if you want to go to hell and climb the stairway to heaven then puke 3 times i advise you smoke half of what i had...fuck that shit.
we call it riding the gravy train ....pcp sprinkled trees
by notraphaellopez September 9, 2010
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PCP is not to be confused with pcp-phenocyclidine- the drug
by Sexydimma June 19, 2021
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A powerful psychedelic known for its dissociative effects.
The most common way to use PCP is in liquid form or by lacing a cannabis joint or cigarette.
It's common for marijuana dealers to lace mersh with PCP and then sell it as chronic.
This shit makes you trip balls.
Last week I bought dime of what I thought to be chronic, but after a couple joints I realized that this had to be angel dust. I spent the entire day wandering around in the woods in a hazy dream-like state. PCP causes everything to repeat itself, for example; while I was in woods I walked past a hiker and for the next ten minutes all I saw was this guy walking past me even though he was long gone. I was truly hopping down the bunny trail.
by schfiftyfive September 29, 2005
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1. The drug phencyclidine. Causes you to hallucinate and fucks up all ur sences. Really bad. Commomly referred to as angel dust. *Keep it clean, keep it green!*
2. Also stands for a type of lame party that consits of Pizza, Chips, and Parents. Sometimes also referred to as Pop, Chips, and Parents or Popcorn, Chips, and Parents
1. "That shermhead was so fucked on PCP that he jumped infront of the subway train"
2. "This PCP party is so lame. I'm going home to smoke a fatty.
by luca89 May 18, 2006
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1. A very dangerous, dangerous drug. Causes the user to do some crazy shit. Also called Angel Dust, and also a horse tranquillizer.
2. An Acronym for Peoples Capping Peoples.
1. Dawg Kennan was totally fucked up on PCP last nite. He stuck is sack on a table and hit it with a hammer.

2. I was in the ghetto last nite and saw plent of PCP going on.
by Co-Captain Jack August 7, 2006
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Probably the most over dramatized drug in history next to marijuana. It's extremely rare for a PCP user to become violent and harm other people and those that do were probably crazy to begin with (PCP will lower you inhibitions). In fact if you smoke enough you won't even be able to move. Good luck attacking someone when you can't even move or feel your body. That being said you should probably stay away from it as its VERY unhealthy for your body and brain and the stuff you buy on the street has all kinds of nasty chemicals in it that are worse for you then PCP. Many people who try PCP never try it again because of how "intense", "uncomfortable", and how much of a "mind fuck" it is. There are some people who manage to become psychologically addicted to it and after a smoking it regularly for a while start to lose it and go into their own little world. It's not good for your mental health the same way doing to much acid isn't only in a different way.
The same things they claim PCP makes you do today they claim Marijuana makes you do in the Reefer Madness.

I doubt PCP is going to make you rip your family's heads off with the strength of ten men.

Regular PCP smokers or "Dust Heads" are VERY similar to pot heads only more lost and confused. It's surprising how similar they are sometimes you can't even tell the difference. Weed and PCP are similar in the dreamy high they give you. A lot of people will tell you PCP is like "super Weed." They will also effect people in ways they will not realize. Pot heads are lazy and self centered and can't even realize because the change is so gradual. Dust Heads are similar only they have semi-delusions and magical thinking. I've been both and it's not good.

Don't let anyone tell you Weed or Dust are harmless thats bs been smokin while you youngins were in diapers.
by ISmokedTOMuchWet August 30, 2012
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