(US HISTORY) federally chartered bank. In 1863, the US Congress passed the National Bank Act that empowered banks with federal charters to issue currency backed by US Treasury securities.

National bank notes were issued until 1935; after 1928, they looked exactly the same as "national notes," or paper money circulated by the US Treasury.

(The US Treasury stopped issuing banknotes in 1971. Such notes were distinguished from federal reserve notes by a red seal and the absence of the legend, "federal reserve note" at the top of the bill).
Any national bank could issue currency equal in value to 90% of US treasury securities that it had on deposity with the Treasury. National bank notes initially had their own distinctive engraving, but after 1928 were visually almost indistinguishable from federal reserve notes.
by Abu Yahya May 5, 2010
A 634 foot skyscraper in Omaha, Nebraska that was built between the years of 1999 and 2002. The tower is the tallest building in Omaha and Nebraska and is the newest skyscraper in the city.
The First National Bank Tower is the tallest building in Nebraska.
by Legoman3319 February 1, 2018
Also known as NAB or the National.
The largest bank in Australia by Assets, and the 28th largest in the world.

Not as evil as the Commonwealth Bank.
AFAIK, NAB is used by lots of business people, and some consumers. Commonwealth, ANZ and Westpac (the other big banks) by consumers.
They usually give you a generous amount of interest compared to the other banks.

NAB also has a great security called 'SMS security' which sends you an SMS with a unique security code whenever a transaction over internet banking is made. Which is similar to HSBC's security token, but this one is using your mobile phone. So should some crook steal your username and password, they can't do anything more until they have your mobile phone.

NAB may not be known for it's customer excellence like Westpac, ANZ or AAMI. But it sure works well.
NAB is not a ripoff like Commonwealth Bank

Bank = Telephone company
Commonwealth = Telstra
NAB (National Australia Bank) = Optus
Westpac = Primus
by squash_123 April 13, 2007
Define: National rob the bank day is about robbing the bank near you on November the 13

National Rob Banks day was declared reasonable by Bob
by HAHAHA...LOL November 13, 2019
Punjab national bank
Punjab national bank
by Mohd Saif July 11, 2021