When you light a lighter and keep it lit so that the metal is extreamly hot then you press the top on the lighter to your skin. The burnt imprint is a smiley face.
I dared Dave to give himself a wicked Smiley face on his chest.
by Pixlepoison March 15, 2006
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Ecstasy, MDMA. Derived from the face that some pills have little fun things printed on them like stars, smileys faces, four-leaf clovers etc.
I don't wanna go to no fucking, rave. What the fuck? You think I'm the type of cat to be all hopped up on smiley face?
by Dialect of Mecca August 23, 2004
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n. 1 gruesome cut in which starts from the lips creating an elongated smile with knife. 2 demanding someone to place there open mouth on the curb and procedding to stop on the back of their head. 3. Ecstasy MDMA
1 & 2...After I got done with that nigga he looked like i told him a joke... SMILEY FACE
by Manny G. October 01, 2005
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shaving your pubic hairs to resemble a smiley face.
betsy: so what did u do yesterday?
freedie: u wanna see?
betsy: what do u mean?
freddie: i have a smiley face!
by bettywhore May 22, 2008
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What a guy calls a girl that has a crush on him.
"Hey smiley face!" he exclaimed with a wink of his eye as he passed by her.
by Dena Johnson September 06, 2005
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Gin Rummy: Bitches love Smiley Faces.
Ed Wuncler III: It's still nigga technology.
by Alastair E. August 05, 2008
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Burning flesh with a hot Bic lighter such that the resultant scarring looks much like a classic "Smiley Face ™ " Even with the modern "Child Safe" Bic... It still works!!! Sore though...
I've just burnt a "Smiley Face ™" into my forearm!!!! You're too old for that bitches!!!
Self torture
Wow that hurts!!!
by youdbesoluckytoknowme December 15, 2010
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