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The indeterminate drizzle of semen that follows ejaculation.
"We would've gotten away with it too, if her parents hadn't seen the jizzle spot on my pants."
by Adman12 November 17, 2005
(Noun) The bulge created by lower abdominal fat ballooning out below the tightened waistband of a fat lady's pants, below the gut and just above the see-you-next-Tuesday.
"Oh. My. God. That's one huge gunt she's got on her!"
by Adman12 August 23, 2005
The jetlag-like disruption of your circadian rhythms that occurs on the Monday after Daylight Saving Time comes into effect.
"Sorry I'm late. I've got the goddamn DST-lag. It took three cups of coffee before I could wake up enough to leave the house."
by Adman12 April 3, 2006
A really cool and sophisticated way to say "loser," since anything sounds more cool and sophisticated if you pronounce it as if it were French. It also allows you to encode your insult, in case you're overheard.

See also moo-lay
"That guy is a total loser," she said, but made sure she pronounced it "low-zay."
by Adman12 October 26, 2005
verb: short form for "peri vagina"

An African custom of rubbing the penis between a woman's thighs. Became a popular Farkism on October 4, 2005, due to being refernced in an article linked on Fark.com.
"In the process, according to them, the students who were possibly sexually-aroused stripped the singer naked and pv'd her and allegedly performed lewd acts on her body. "
by Adman12 October 4, 2005
Old Gen-X adjective to describe a quality of music that makes it sound like something from the soundtrack of the movie "Footloose."

Distinguishing features are keyboard whitewashes, fist-pumpingly over-the-top vocals in the chorus, and unmanly bouncing rythyms. In other words, sounding '80s in the bad way.
(When Dan Hill's "I can dream about you" comes on the radio...)

"Oh, man, that's bad! It's... like... Footloose bad!"

by Adman12 October 11, 2005
A popular Canadianism in the 1980s, possibly of Maritimer origins, and which perhaps has something to do with Schooner beer.

1. The verb, "to schoon" means to steal, and is usually used when referring to beer.
2. The compoud verb "to be schooned" or "to get schooned" can also refer to being tricked or deceived.
1. Hey! Don't schoon my last beer!" (or "Who scooned my last beer?")
2. Hey! This isn't hash! It's a Tootsie Roll wrapped in tinfoil. Jesus, we got schooned!"
by Adman12 October 20, 2005