A place where NBA players go when they are eliminated from the playoffs or aren't playing in the league currently.

The term was originated from when Patrick Beverly and Marcus Morris were trash talking Dame and they said 'Cancun on 3' in reference to the fact that Cancun is a popular vacation spot and that Dame was eliminated. This would come to bite them as the Los Angeles Clippers would be eliminated one round later by the Denver Nuggets.
LeBron, AD, Curry, and KD are all in Cancun as they were eliminated in the playoffs.
by Rayman-originss June 21, 2021
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A place where you have OVER 9000 percent chance of having sex or losing your virginity. Cancun is a place where you can be drunk 25/7, not 24/7. It is place where alcohol is available everywhere you turn to. Nobody down in Cancun will ID you. In fact, nobody gives a shit. However, going to the airport with a hangover can be a bitch and a half.
I went to Cancun and a lot happened ;)
by BenchMax345 February 23, 2009
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A city in Mexico. A place to go to when you want to evade responsibility. Ted Cruz, a Texas Senator, vacationed here while millions of people in Texas were without power for days.
"Hey, bro, did you hear about that math test?"
"Yeah, man, I better pack my bags and hop on the nearest flight to Cancun."
by sarah_da_princess February 20, 2021
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A place were arrogant New yorkers,Los Angeleans,and rich white kids go for an "Adventure" even though they're just gonna stay at a 5 star hotel,get a tan,and get drunk.
Rich Preppy Guy From NYC:My word! Drinking alcohol and eating a taco on the beach you cant get more exotic than this!
Rich White Suburban L.A. Girl:Like totally man,Cancun is so great!!!
I LOVE mexican culture!
Me:Couldn't you guys do all this back were your from?
Them:Uhh...well...Uhh...We have a date with the spa...by!
by Okami March 19, 2008
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To Cancun is to have one of those akward-Spring-Break-triple-kiss things that people only do in Cancun, or some other broie place like that.
Can also be past tense--Cancuned.
"Sup babe, wanna Cancun?"
"OMFing G Britney, I think we like, got Cancuned last night in the photo booth at Senior Frogs!"
by Tokyo Mojo July 14, 2006
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The Cancun happens when a woman from the United States goes to Cancun, Mexico, gets drunk, and simultaneously jacks off two men who are standing in front of her whilst she is knelt down on her knees and turning cheek for cheek until the Cancun has run its...."course".
"We were on vacation and I walked in on my wife doing the Cancun in a men's bathroom"
by Duddits February 11, 2009
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cancun is the craziest place youll ever go.....theres crazy mexicans and plenty of alchol to go around...if your not getting hammered..ur on the beach checking out topless babes...ur sure to find at least one sexy somone
I met my sexy someone.. kara B
by CG April 17, 2005
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