Didn't you hear? He caught the bus last weekend...he slit his wrists.
by Kiwi April 21, 2004
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"going to catch the bus" refers to going to buy weed.
I have to go catch the bus right now or else i'll miss it
by lalalandhaha June 25, 2010
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Dying by suicide, caught in past tense.
Facing a conviction for sex trafficking of minors, Epstein decided to catch the bus out of jail.
by Just a Joe Schmo January 10, 2022
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If I was going to catch the bus , I'd probably do it by blowing my head off ..
by HundredHuntin September 24, 2021
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An excuse to get out of a sticky or unwanted interaction, in truth, to smoke weed; often with real friends.
"Hey Sam, I haven't seen you in forever!"
"I gotta run and Catch a bus!"
by universal consciousness January 7, 2017
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towards someone that’s annoying or that you don’t like - created by Katie
“Did u see stacys recent?”

Ughh that garden tool can go catch a bus”
by frownuponme October 22, 2017
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