Once-powerful electronics store. Currently in financial trouble such that they cannot pay their employees on time. Also, tends to produce an uncanny level of returns on a particular employee, thus named "Cody."

Also, cannot afford full-time (40 Hour) pay, so all workers, save managers, must work less than 30 hours per work week. Therefore, though a decent employee can make $10+ an hour, said employee still will average only $400 every two-week period, if employee is lucky as fuck.
"Damn, Cody got another return. That's what, $3,000 in the past six weeks?"

"Indeed. He is very fucked by Stan Stan He's Our Man If He Can't Do It Some Other Braindead Monkey-Fuck Can."

"Fuck. I should go back to laying concrete. At least there I did 40 hours a week. You know, it would be nice if RadioShack could give me 40 hours a week so I wouldn't have to bum money off my girlfriend."
by Stucky June 6, 2006
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An expensive electronics store with cheap products, as well as an underpaying job that pressures their employees to sell highly profitable merchandise that we all know the customer has no interest in buying that particular product at that very moment. If your shopping for capacitors your not thinking about a 2 year sprint agreement, your thinking about capacitors. The extreme high sales demand from upper management and the bottom-of-the-barrel pay usually results in associates that don't really care about your existence or the company and its assets. Some stores are really greedy, others are really lazy and under-trained. If you have been working for radioshack for at least three months, you don't want to work there anymore. Customers who shop there regularly only do so because of the assistance that you'll be lucky to get right the first time, or if you just have no idea. The company preys on brainless customers that don't know how to shop and look around, or to work there alarm clock. Everyone knows if its sold at radioshack, its sold cheaper somewhere else without the headache of dealing with a radioshack salesman. And chances are where ever else you buy it, it comes with the batteries.
Person 1: should i apply at radioshack?

Person 2: no
by vnvxvnv May 10, 2009
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the worst electronics store ever...at one time was slightly better then Best Buy
by AYB January 7, 2004
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RadioShack used to sell ham (amatuer) radio equipment, hence the term 'radio shack' for a ham radio operator's radio room.

Now they sell overpriced commerical electronic crap.

see nerd central
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 16, 2003
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The only place in the mall where you can buy resistors, capacitors, and other parts for making bombs with plans you downloaded from the internet.

Also thinks if it drops the "Radio" from it's name it'll become "profitable."
1) RadioShack Customer: "How much for these 4.7kohm resistors, 12V lantern batteries, and 28 AWG wire?"
Clerk: "What's a resistor?"
Customer: "And that's why you can't get paid, moron!"

2)RadioShack Terrorist: "How much for these 4.7kohm resistors, 12V lantern batteries, and 28 AWG wire?"
Clerk: "Excuse me while I call the Department of Homeland Security."
Terrorist: "Allahu Akbar, moron!"
by DietTab December 11, 2009
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When you're driving a car down the highway with one hand and spanking a pig on the ass with the other
Hey man, how was the drive over here? it was pretty good man, radioshacking it the whole way back.
by radioshackingking July 11, 2012
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See ungodly work enviroment;

A once popular electronics retail store. Now its better know as BestShack. In late 2005 when the CEO of radioshack, Dave Edmonson was fired, the entire company started going downhill. Since then, the company has only pushed wireless and since gave up on what Radioshack has stood for. The company does not understand people do not go to Radioshack to buy flat screen tv's, they go there for small parts. The work enviroment is horid. From brainwashing employees' to over work/underpaid work weeks, it is simply a horrible place to work. Vaction isn't really vaction considering you can not take it during the 4th quarter (October, November, Decemeber) If you try to take more than 1 week of vaction in a row, it is highly frownd upon in the company. Management can be summed up in one word, shitheads. To become anything higher than a manager you have to be brainwashed and think that if you offer a customer a cell phone, they WILL buy it. Radioshack is estimated to go out of bussiness by December of 2009.
Employee: Hi welcome to Radioshack is there anything I can help you with today, perhaps a cellphone?

Customer: No

Employee: Have you seen our selection of flat panel TV's

Customer: Why would I go to radioshack to buy a TV, when CircuitCity and Bestbuy have them for cheaper and they are better?

Employee: They have true 720i resolution

Customer: 1080p is becoming a standard, and 1080 is high-def, 720 is enhanced, why do you advertise High-def if you dont have any high-def tv's?

Employee: You can pay with it on your Radioshack creditcard, only $20 a month.

Customer: Im going to bestbuy, there cheaper.

Employee: Who's your current cellular provider?

*Customer leaves*
by Ben1954 September 11, 2006
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