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The act of getting home from a long day of work and fucking your wife right after with your clothes on and your dick ripping out your pants. And your shoes on too.
Hey gurl Im home wanna fuck
Oh yes daddy yessssss

Oh yeah baby givvvv me an afterwork blast *moan*
by ☆★Midas★☆ January 19, 2022
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A sin, unless you are a femboy.
I’m gay lol. 🖕🐵🏳️ 🌈
Me: Welcome to the club you are fine then
by ☆★Midas★☆ February 8, 2022
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A viral video on the internet with 323k views, shocasing an edit of marios voice singing amogus.
Hello it's a me Maaaaa rio. It's a me aahuaayeee, Aaaahahaaahahahaaa!!!
Okie Dokie let's-a-go, Maaario. Soo long gay bowserrrr eee, Aaaahaahahahahaaa.
Me: Bro check out "Mario singing Amogus drip 10 hour loop."

Rahmõnd: Why don't you stop listening to amogus drip and start getting some fucking bitches to drink some pussy drip.

Me: Motherfucking... The chances of me killing you are low.. but never zero

Rahmond The Racist: Yeah?

Me: Unlike your adoption certificate.

Rahmõnd: Oh noooooooooo

Raymond: Thank you I'm not a beaner anymore.
by ☆★Midas★☆ February 2, 2022
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A boat of wonders...



Have you ever wanted to know the feeling of cumming in your daughter's ass in the middle of a tropical rainforest filled with dinosaurs that wear armor?


Just me? Ok then.

But with the monthly subscription of $999999999 dollars, go through a custom adventure.

Yeah! You flaming bullshit.
Hey man have you seen my wonderboat.

Jake from Statefarm: Nah what for?

I wanna know the experience of cumming in my daughters ass in the middle of a rainforest filled with dinosaurs wearing armor.

Jake from statefarm: What the fuck?
by ☆★Midas★☆ January 28, 2022
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The act of accidentally sliding an iphone charger up your ass in your sleep, the result of this is shit leaving your ass at 150mph nonstop, batteries coming out your penis hole, the charger coming out your ear, and puking iphones.
Kiy: Hey man i just slid a charger into my asscrack in my sleep, wanna seeeee?
Rahmõnd: You are so fucking stupid that i turned into a mexican. You chocolate shitty iphone charger.
by ☆★Midas★☆ January 19, 2022
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It's a term for a better game, and it's exactly that. Slither.io.
dudeguy45: "wanna pway fowtnite?"
Pussyslayer69420: "Nah man im to busy playing the BETTER fortnite!"
by ☆★Midas★☆ January 10, 2022
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