Best friends who are completly fresh and have the best relationship in the worl;allong with mr.Melito.=
wow did yu see Mark And Suhayla they are SO FRESHH<3
by Suhayla=] June 27, 2008
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A general feeling of uncleanliness, sometimes used to suggest that somebody has an STD. Usually remedied by a good douching on the part of girls or possibly an enema for guys.

From a mid-80s commercial for Massengill brand douche.
Girl: Mom, do you ever feel, you know, not-so-fresh?
Mom: Of course, that's why I douche.
by lovesmesumcake December 5, 2008
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Extremely foul or disgusting; not even close to clean
Man, that bathroom was not so fresh
by SPLover November 1, 2007
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That fucking filthy after-shit feeling that just will not go away without baby wipes.
Dude, you okay? You were in there a long time.
Fuck no. An entire roll of tp can't get rid of this knot-so-fresh feeling.
by sciflyer.25 September 4, 2014
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Being so fresh and so clean that you cant help but bursting out into a funky jam because of how sexy you are
"Aint nobody dope as me Im just so fresh so clean"
by Possum Aloysius Jenkins January 16, 2009
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1(adj) a term used to describe the appearance of an indivdua, emplying that they look supa dupa fly or looking better than usual.

2 a luxury clothing line that has been introduced by so so def owner's father in 2006
damn your looking so so fresh today
i gonna that a shower because i gotta keep so so fresh all day everday
that shirt makes you look so so fresh
by Bazoo May 13, 2006
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