A muscle car made by Dodge from 1966 to 1974. The '68 Hemi Charger could do 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. By the way, the was an auto w/ 3.54 gears that they tested. The '69 Hemi 500 model could do that 1/4-mile in the low 13-second range at over 110mph. Most Charger's topped out at around 140mph.

Biggest Problem: Too small of brakes
Dodge sold almost 100k Charger's in 1968.
by Mya Jadg September 15, 2005
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The term charger is hard to find in the dictionary but can be found in the novel Papillon by Henri Charrière, which seems to refer to a large hollow capsule made of appropriate material that can be shoved up the ass & it sits in the rectum. Seems to be used by prisoners & smugglers to smuggle drugs & money
In a blitzcrack, bob shoved the charger up his ass
by Jumbled McGobbledygook February 8, 2021
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1) A muscle car from '60s and '70s.
2) A piece of shit from the '80s.
3) A muscle car in current production.

Made by Dodge, part of the Chrysler Group.
"Ricers can kiss the Charger's ass as it's making their pos Hondas and Toyotas look as if they're standing still."


"Dude, the Charger is so much better than my piece of shit (insert name of Japan import here). It totally pwns.
by jrtman July 6, 2006
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a kick ass muscle car made for its power and superiority over other cars
a viper is $70,000 and has the same hp as a charger when you can buy a charger nowadays for $10,000
by whitey mc cracker lol July 28, 2004
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A small cylindrical object that can be filled with money or drugs and inserted into the anus to conceal their whereabouts from the police/prison guards etc. As described in the classic French book ''Papillon''.
''I tried to smuggle that chocolate out of jail but the guards found my charger''
by sammijolovesya May 22, 2006
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Someone who goes hard and all out with shit.
"Yo man, Jonno is a charger, charging 5 lines, 4 bikkies and a bottle of bourbon."
by Diego September 4, 2003
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