A phrase of the idiot vernacular commonly used by 6th graders, unoriginal low-lives, and youtube commenters. It means "the adjective I just used serves as a double entendre, for you see, not only does it apply to this noun, but also to you. BURN!" Other forms include "Like your mom!" "And you're not!" and "I'm an idiot!"
This game is so cool, unlike you!

wow stfu man dis vid is ttly kewl unlike u!!!!

"This video is so brilliant!"
"Yeah, unlike you!"
"...We are no longer friends."

Friend A: Did you check out that movie?
Friend B: Yeah, it was so cool!
Some 6th grader who you don't even know: And you're not!
Friend A: Fuck off.
6th grader: *sobs*

Friend A: Hahaha, that was amazing!
Same 6th grader: Yeah, amazing like the sex I had with your mom last night!!!!!
Friend B: ...
Friend A: ...
6th grader: *runs*
by Kyothine May 29, 2009
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this is a phrase i cam up with when somebody asks you for example, why you dint do somthing there way, or the way they like.
Q:why didnt you put your hair up today?
A:...cause unlike you, im ME.

Q:how come you never wear colorfull(colourfull if your american) shirts in the summer?
A:....uhhh cause unlike you....im ME!

VGQ:how come you never have rough sex with me in the bedroom???

A:i didnt know you were into that baby... good F@$%ing question.
by Kyle Pro May 13, 2009
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