when a fat male has such big rolls in the chest area it fools u into thinking tht tht man has boobs

damn, milton is so fat i just might get him a bra for christmas to help support those moobs of his.
by leroy jenkinz November 7, 2007
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A combination of the words "man" and "boobs." This is what happens when fat gathers in a male's chest area, and gives him the appearance of having breasts.
Usually seen in overweight males, but can strangely also occur in men who are not really overweight.
"Those moobs are quite sizable."
by Katy December 26, 2003
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Abreviation for "Man Boobs", a trait of overweight people.
Guy- Hey loving your moobs

Guy2- Not as much as i love your moms.

Guy- Oh no you diant!

Guy2- Oh yes i did!
by Ben & Jerrys May 9, 2009
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an abriviation for man boobs.
you can usually see these on fat ass brothers who drink and eat too much.
and generally they are seen holding a bucket of KFC.
OMFG my brother has the biggest moobs I have ever seen because he's a fat ass with no life
by Lindz D November 6, 2007
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Gynocomastia or Man Boobs
Have you seen Eric's moobs, he needs a bra!
by abbazaba007 April 3, 2009
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man titties. usually formed from jiggly fat.
but not necessarily fat. some manboobs come from working out too much.
theyr extremely ugly.
man + boobs = moobs
by nomnom on tuna October 21, 2008
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