you know that weird black star symbol on your keyboard? or is it a flower? who cares. anyways, asterisks are usually used in bad words to cancel out the vowels such as “f*ck” or “sh*t”

so instead of using a bad word, why not just call someone an asterisk? they will most likely not know what you are talking about, but you will since you’re reading this post right now. when someone pisses you off, call them an asterisk. or text them one. * haha see what i did there
god he’s such an asterisk!”

“what are you talking about?”
by kevin’s daughter June 20, 2020
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Bay Area Slang, has many meanings which are ambiguous. The word has a certain feel to it and can describe many situations. Associated with the terms "cutthroat" and "cut" as in "in a cut." Some say it originated in Vallejo, but everyone agrees it originated in the Bay.

As an Adjective:
1) Hidden, Somewhere away from the general view. Usually a "shady" or "sketchy" area, but used in a generally positive sense. In a cut.

2) Used to describe a person who is streetwise and knows many shady or dangerous people.

3) Used to describe a situation in which illegal or immoral activity is happening, but usually with a positive spin

As a noun

1) Reference to a friend or associate.
2) Sometimes refers to pussy, or general action.
3) Can refer to good ass weed that doesn't look like kill.

X: I took this girl, broke into the abandoned Lucky's, and fucked her in the candy aisle.
Y: Nice.
X: There was still candy there.
Y: Cutty.
X: Then I didn't have a place to crash so I went to my homeys old apartment building and went down to the cutty ass basement and crashed there.
Y: How did you get past security?
X: I went in through a cut.
Y: What'd you sleep on?
X: I went to the laundry room, stole hella laundry, and laid it out like a bed.
Y: Cutty as fuck.
by HellaFromTheCity February 22, 2009
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A Hot Carl is the act of defacating on someones face. A Warm Carl is defacating on their face whilst covered by plastic wrap. A Cold Carl is defacating on a glass table while someone lies below.
Suzie prefered Warm Carl's. "Less clean up afterward.", she said knowingly. John prefered giving Hot Carl's. "If there's no mess, what's the point?" Lucy liked the added security of the glass provided during a Cold Carl. "I just like watching it come out! Fascinating!"
by Brownson Pincheau January 07, 2005
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A person of the male gender that is a real dude, usually one of the flyest guys around that the bitches love. His striking good looks instantly puts an overwhelming feeling in the hearts and body of all women. Only the true women that have confidence in theirselves dare to approach him. He is an amazing athlete that dominates in all sports. he also is a very careing and loyal friend that is down for everyone. His personalty is awosme, he enjoys making people laugh and acting stupid while having fun. Overall a brodie is just "The Man"
You know what there is not many people like that guy, that can be so fly and sexy but still be so smooth and chill,He's definitely a Brodie
by @ b.r.o.d November 22, 2006
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A person with an unusually strong and probably sexual attachment to their sister. One of the numerous Japanese "complex" portmanteaus that indicate real-life creeps and fictional doujinshi protagonists.
Siscon as seen in "Rabu Rabu Eien <3"
Ani: Natsuko, I... I've always been watching you...
Imouto: Oh Oniichan! I love you too! Let's have sex!

Siscon as seen in Real Life
Ani: Natsuko, I... I've always been watching you...
Imouto: Get away
by nekokirai August 16, 2008
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A pair of very expensive shoes called, Christian Louboutin, that usually sell for $800 and up! Every shoe has a red sole on the bottom of them..
A: Did you see Angela with those red bottoms on?
B: Girl yes! That bitch is ballin'!

A: I know, she told me they were $1200! OMG
B: Those pumps are bad!
by JGOODE January 17, 2011
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