Spanish is not a race but an identity. A person from Spain is a "Spaniard" Anybody speaking Spanish and born in any Latin-American country is considered Hispanic or Latin "Hispano or Latino". Since there are many Latin-American countries speaking Spanish, you identify them by their nationality (Argentineans, Colombians, Dominicans, Mexican, Peruvians, Uruguayans, etc). Now, every Latin -American country has its own way to speak or slang that characterizes it. However, there is a formal Spanish spoken in educated levels. For instances, on TV news or respectful newspapers, international meetings or conferences, formal Spanish is spoken and therefore everyone understands.
Mexican.- que ondas?
Argentinean.- Che, que hacés?
Colombian.- que hubo?
Dominican.- dime haber?
Peruvian.- como estas?
Proper Spanish.- Como esta usted?
by Ozkhar May 30, 2012
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I understood what the person above wanted to get at but feel thats its deeper than that.

The Distinction between Overstanding and Understanding is a matter of context and awareness. To overstand is to comprehend a thing itself AND to have knowledge of why it is the way it is and of its place or role in the grand scheme of things. If you can use something or do a job, you understand and memorize enough to to act. (be a competent consumer of it) one who understands may also be able to innovate or redesign but otherwise accepts the boundaries of a thing as given.

Understanding can Drive the car, maybe fix it, maybe even design or improve it within its basic structure. Overstanding realizes that the design is imperfect in the way it is for reasons beyond simple engineering. For example, overstanding knows that we could have cars that use less or no gasoline but that we won't because it is not in the interest of those who control the making of cars to make them last longer, be more efficient, less expensive etc. They make their money when you buy, fuel and fix the car, so why would they help you take thier money away? Nevermind pollution or helping poor folks out.

The difference between Under and Over standing is the difference between seeing and acting with awareness or blindly playing a role. Understanding does the Job, and maybe even wrote the Business Plan (the person who wrote the business plan may understand how to set up businesses). What distinguishes Over from Under is their awareness of the forces that move things. One who overstands sees power for what it is, but may or may not hold and use power in the obvious sense. One who overstands knows that the business will succeed only if it extracts value from others and so is inherrently predatory. One who overstands this fact may accept it and play anyway or refuse to exploit others.

Overstanding emerged as a word from the global hip hop culture, to help portray the distinction between the understanding that life is difficult and the overstanding that life is more difficult than it need be because it is in the interest of those in power to keep things as they are. Overstanding should help but does not always liberate people.
Even though I could save money and make my girl real happy by getting this perfect but uncertified diamond and that no one would ever find out, I overstand that it would be messed up to get it, so I didn't (or, but I got that shit anyway).

IE: I am aware of the dirty shit that goes on in the conflict diamond trade and that the diamond is cheap for a reason and so if I get it, I risk contirbuting to the misery and death of my own African people many of whome have it bad enough already thanks to my govenment and its racist policies.
by evilelove December 11, 2006
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An abbreviated yet famous line coined by William Congreve (1670-1729),an English playwright and poet. The entire quote reads "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned," spoken by Perez in Act 3, Scene 2, The Mourning Bride (1697).

Contemporary usage of the phrase "Hell Hath No Fury" refers to the pinnacle of anger that has been attained by a jilted broad.
Nothing is more ferocious than a woman whose been rejected in love, as evidenced by the hammer thrown through my windshield late last night. Hell hath no fury.
by DontBelieveTheHype March 10, 2009
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The last and final prophet of Allah, also the most beloved prophet of all time. A great leader of this Ummah
You're such a Muhammad!
by Excuse me my name is August 28, 2017
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mesomorphically chiseled, buff, muscular, diesel, built.
Have you seen the Big Bad Booty Daddy Scott Steiner lately? He's truly brolic!
by weave March 31, 2003
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An emoticon generally meant to look like a face with a tongue hanging out. like other emoticons/smileys, it's frequently used in IM conversations, forum posts text messages, etc., especially by younger people. It usually signifies one of the following:

1. Somewhat sheepish (but good-humored) acknowledgment of (usually one's own) silliness, foolishness, absentmindedness, or ineptness. While often used to reflect one's own state, it is also used in reference to others or situations.

2. Mild disgust, in other words, a stand-in for "ew" "yuck". (More profound revulsion can be expressed with "XP", which is similarly meant to depict a hanging tongue, but adds eyes squinted shut or nearly shut)

3. Tongue sticking out tauntingly. (Less common. As said earlier, :P is usually is interpreted as a tongue *hanging* out, not protruding straight forward)

This emoticon is a less literal depiction of expression than some other emoticons. For instance, someone who says in an IM conversation "I totally flunked the history test today :P" would not be likely to actually let his or her tongue actually loll out thus if the same conversation was held face-to-face. It probably has its roots in long standing cartoon practice of showing stupid/knocked-out/dazed people with their tongues limply hanging out like a dog's tongue on a hot day.

The P is often capitalized, but not always. Additionally, there are variants forms like :-P, =P, :b, :-b, :-Þ, :Þ, etc.
1. "I suck at football :P"
2. "Ugh, that fat, hairy, naked guy bicycled past my house again today. :P"
3. "I got the lead role in the play, so ha! :P"
by PlayGo April 27, 2010
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Referring to something broken or not of quality/ not working

A person who is acting dumb or is autistic

Fake/ off brand item usually bootlegged
Wow, I never knew our teachers car was so scuffed...

In class you gave a really scuffed answer today...

Lol, look at her scuffed shoes!
by Scuffed Dictionary March 18, 2017
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