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Vinnie is that Guy that everyone wants to be friends with, He is always there for you in a clutch situation. He is also a Hustler and is always on the grind. When he is not out Making money he has even more fun spending it. The word cheap is not in this mans vocabulary and he makes sure everybody has a good time. When he is not out popping Bottles at the Club Hes usually making sure his degenerate friends are not in Jail
Dude I spent so much money last night at the club.
Hell yea dude , you totally pulled a Vinnie
by Vinchenzo89 March 04, 2013
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a term to use when you do something really stupid. Usually makes you it in a lot of trouble.
Man, I just pulled a Vinnie

I got grounded because I pulled a Vinnie
by The K Kings September 01, 2010
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A guy who trains lions and tigers, then eats said lions and tigers.
Person 1: Wow, Vinnie just ate a whole bunch of lions and tigers.
Person B: Yeah, he trained them too.
Person C: I saw a lion cartwheel into a tigers mouth.
by batty bwoy May 14, 2004
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The reusing of partners within a friendship group
Mary did a vinnie by dating John who was previously with Suzi
by ksj1985 August 22, 2010
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A loquacious, ridiculously intelligent, sometimes obnoxious, egregious smartass. The most awesome individual to (dub)step on this earth and say "Sweet Jesus, what the hell is wrong with humanity?" A person who is so versatile in their personality that you will never really figure them out. A gentleman of fortune to the likes of which shall not been seen ever again.
"Who the hell is Vinnie?"
"If you have to ask who Vinnie is, GTFO."
by yourface is a pseudonym October 15, 2011
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A local word used in the Greater Toronto Area, used as a verb meaning "to cum in one's pants."
Guy: I was making out with Laura last night and I Vinnied. It was embarrassing.

Girl: Why did you break up with your boyfriend?
Girl 2: He Vinnied.

Guy: Man, when WoW Cataclysm comes out, I'm gonna Vinnie.
by Captain J. Pants November 05, 2010
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is a guy who gets pussy all day long.. and is a playa and pimp... and also has a gigantic cock!!!!
vinnie fucked a girl an hour a go, and later on goes back home to his wife...
by vinnie the gigantic January 14, 2008
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