A written rant, usually of a political nature. The word has become increasingly trendy what with Bush bashing, Clinton bashing, and heightened national polarity across the board.
"Ann Coulter's columns are the epitome of screed."
by Bob Fliegel January 18, 2004
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screed is like a pebble water mix that covers the entier bowl and is released at high volosity and gives a buring effect to the anus
after a really wet shit you could say that you have screeded the bowl
by madman45 January 6, 2011
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complaining whining yapping moaning
Quit screeding and get on with your life.

From Baby Girl lyrics by Sami St Nicholas:

"Ain’t no sense in screeding
You’ve got everything you’re needing"
by cynya December 17, 2019
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Doing an act with the intent of copying something from the Assassin Creed video game series (Similar to parkour).


Attacking someone while poorly trying to copy how it happened in the video game.
"Dude I dare you to try to screed that wall."


"That dude was pissing me off so I screeded his face."
by Sain8075 October 25, 2011
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A total fucking moron who thinks he's "gangsta," and goth. No one likes him, and he ought to get hit by a truck.
by Dman March 24, 2005
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Something/someone that really annoys you.
Barack Obama is really starting screed my porch with his healthcare overhall.
by naelreh September 26, 2010
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