A variant of what is known as the 'thou also' or 'tu quoque' logical fallacy. In popular usage, a refusal to admit the one side of an issue is wholly responsible for violence, injustice, disruption, intransigency etc. Rather the more nebulous, and often completely untrue, 'both sides' is referred to in order to obfuscate guilt, shift blame, and otherwise distract from the seriousness of the events at hand.
"I think there is blame on both sides." -Donald Trump
by jin-roh August 15, 2017
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1.When a person says things they really don't mean.

2.To not own what one says.

3.two faced
"It became hard for Micheal to take Melanie seriously. She talks from both sides of the mouth."
by sauerpower June 4, 2006
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1) Last album to be released by Jimi Hendrix
2) The last great rock album
Rock In Peace Jimi
“Hey did you listen to the Both Sides of the Sky album?”

“Yeah man Jimi hendrix is a fuckin legend”
by Rockandroller27 March 25, 2018
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A phrase coined by Mr. Blues to describe both sides in the conflict over smoking in bars and other public places.
Despite the rancor there is one thing about the smoking situation that we should all be able to agree on: There are fanatical zealots on "both sides of the ashtray"®.
by Mr. Blues August 19, 2005
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To be bisexual. You're sexually attracted to both males and females. You don't care which gender they are, because love is love after all.

Same as 'batting for both teams'
Person A: I play for the guys, what about you?
Person B: I am playing for both sides
by DELLGIRL July 5, 2014
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Having anal sex along with regular f*cking, similar to DP
"Jim, I hate playing on both sides, it really hurts."
by Gimothy January 15, 2018
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To give AND to receive or the other way of around...
to receive AND to give. Usually about fellatio and cunnilingus.
"So you got head?"
"Yeah, both sides of Christmas!"
"So, did she like it, too?"
by Hehehehehe I'm naughty November 19, 2007
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