A type of spew associated with excessive consumption of alcohol. The grill usually takes place when a person is on public transport, at work or somewhere where there is no immediate place to let go of their guts. The grill occurs when an individual has the sudden need to spew but are in such a place where it is simply not socially acceptable and can lead to a great deal of embarrassment and a pretty violent stench. When the grill is properly performed you'll see the individual try to hold in their spew by tightly grasping their mouth with their hands creating the grill like effect as vomit explodes between their fingers to project at arguably a greater distance and with more speed than a regular everyday kind of chunder. This can lead to the kind of projectile vomiting that can come down like buckets of rain onto the unsuspecting bodies of members of the public.
The Grill: "I was on the bus yesterday and this bloke was convulsing, i knew what was going to happen, he shouldve just hidden behind the seat and let go of his guts in the corner but instead he attempted to run out of the bus holding his mouth in typical "grill" fashion, the outcome was horrendous, yet quite amusing"
by storkman January 16, 2008
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What nerdy virgins call a girl.
*Watches tourney on Twitch*
*Camera pans to crowd*
*Girl on camera*
Entire chat: GRILL, HOT GRILL, etc.
by haticK June 15, 2015
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Very popular word meaning girl in the online gaming community, other ways the word grill is used would
by jgriefnow123 June 21, 2015
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The alternative word for girl.

Not to be confused with a barbecue grill.
by MemeFalcon January 8, 2017
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Yo, last week the teacher grilled me about why I wasn't in class.
by Kimchi Slap April 9, 2019
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adjective. Used to describe something extraordinarily appealing; awesome; outstanding. Compare to off the hook, off the chain. Possible origin: Southeastern Louisiana.
Yo, that DJ's beats were on the grill!
by Not Craig Henderson September 17, 2009
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1. One's personal business
2. One's teeth/smile
Why you all up in my grill, fool?
Damn boy, youre gonna get knocked in the grill.
Youre hella grillin!
by Yebeka December 20, 1999
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