Being high power or HP the act of thinking you're better than someone else, or one is too good to do something. Which originates from the Bay.
"Kee Kee you don't been trying to act hella high power cause you finally got some brazillian bundles in yo hair, remember where you came from. "
by MajMaj June 16, 2014
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1) Term which refers to the monetary base (M1), which is highly liquid money including currency and vault cash. It is given its name due to the considerable aggregate change in the monetary base that can be brought about by the money multiplier.

2) Track #12 on Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic', characterized by the use of a sine wave synthesizer. It gave its listeners a harsh understanding of the early 1990s West Coast gangsta mentality through the lyrics of Dr. Dre, RBX, and Daz.
The Fed projects that by increasing the monetary base by 1%, the entire money supply will consequently increase by 8%. Hence, our monetary base is "high powered".

Me and my homeboys wanted to listen to some dope beats the other day. We smoked a few blunts and put on "High Powered". That shit is thugged out, yo.
by Z_19 August 24, 2009
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popular,good,alot of people know you
I am high powered because i have a car now
by James chambers September 16, 2004
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A bolt action hunting or sporting rifle that can fire only one bullet before having to be reloaded or chambered again
Why do so many idiots call an ar-15 a high powered rifle
by Pillow928 September 9, 2014
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an individual who stupidity is so high-octane that it cannot be described by the root word "douche." this individual's lack of brainpower, or choice or continual arrogance, requires a special term of its own.
joe: "so what happened?"

elaine: "it was unbelievable. i did ALL of the work--ALL of it. and then this high-power douche goes into overdrive and tells the boss this elaborate tale about how he gave up his weekend clam bake to do it. what a penis."
by ten iron June 19, 2008
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n.; an elation, similar to a high, that is experienced when one finds oneself in a position of power. Usually this is because the person realizes that their arbitrary choice will have a profound effect on someone else, thus inflating their ego and sense of importance.

This phenomenon explains the arrogance of police officers, judges, congressmen, professors, and other powerful individuals.
Tom: "Dude, are you gonna ref the freshman basketball game this year?"
Joe: "You bet! I'll be getting such a power high!"
by Col. Hans Landa February 2, 2012
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A queer Femme/of color who is in command of her sexuality; a Femme/of color who is hella smart (maybe with a PhD in HisCon or Critical Ethnic Studies): a Femme/of color who is a fierce and kick ass organizer/activist; a Femme/of Color who is committed to decolonizing everything (including sexuality); a Femme/of color in touch with her cultural/racial heritage, ancestry, and relevant politics and practices; a Femme/of Color who knows and embodies a spiritual erotics, because yes, she’s read Audre Lorde’s essay The Uses of the Erotics; a Femme/of Color who has magical sexual healing powers; a Femme/of Color who knows how to play with High Femme Fashion. A Power High Femme possesses and practices all of this.
Dang Girl, You just did a major historical and statue take down of Christopher Columbus; you look so good in your tropical aqua tights while you do decolonial gardening; AND you’re the best lover ever! You are seriously a Power High Femme/of Color!
by Ordinary Seaman January 23, 2021
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