A sound absolutely nobody makes when they're sleeping
John: zzz...
(John, is awake)
by zebracanon February 16, 2010
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it's the laugh in korean.
On the korean keyboard it is ㅋㅋㅋ
but if they are typing with a english board the ㅋ is in the place of the z.
Usually they use it if they are too lazy to keep switching back and forth between language modes.
Also can be written as kekeke
1: zzz
2: I am boring you?? what is "zzz"
1: it is the laugh "ㅋㅋㅋ"
by Rae Beun August 28, 2011
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the symbol that hovers above one's head while they are sleeping
by x May 1, 2003
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"You'll need some zzz, not xxx!"
by Anonymous November 6, 2002
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he's sleeping "zzz"
by xbn,uyy November 13, 2018
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instead of using “Um” in a text use “zzz”
sky: zzz do u have the homework answers ?
maddie: no.
by dinovomit August 6, 2020
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some annoying fat person, discord addict that will tell you to “kys”, don’t be like zzz, they’re sucking tasu’s cock rn
hey, is that zzz, woah, they’re sucking tasu’s cock
by tasu’s got some cake 😍 December 12, 2019
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