The process of animating corpse; in the traditional voudoun religion, this is achieved through fissioning the soul to detatch that part responsible for individuality, though it has been theorised that the actual process, if it exists, could involve toxxins extracted from (for example) the blowfish.

Much has been made of zombification, and particularly as a result of biophages, on the silver screen, an early example being the 'Night of the Living Dead' trilogy and more recently the 'Resident Evil' games and films. In the former, the process is less important than the results of mass zombification.

Zombification is also a word used to describe the effects of the dulling or desensitising influences of modern culture, or numbing experiences in general.
The malefactuer continued to wait; when the victim called his name, the zombification would be complete.

Television today is nothing but mass zombification!
by Jordan G January 25, 2004
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The selection and reprogramming of certain Republican party members for the dissemination of any information, factual or not, on the daily talk show circuits. This is accomplished by the continual repetition of a preset scripted text to answer any and all questions put to the zombified selectee, whether relevant to the question asked or not.
Congresswoman Michelle Bachman is a prime example of the zombification process, as she so aptly showed on Meet The Press.
by Sphygmo19 March 07, 2011
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The changing of the natural behavior of a given creature or entity that is created through introduction of an outside catalyst; Chemical, Biological/Parasitic, Technical and/or Arcane.
The introduction of the Jeweled Wasps venom caused the Zombification of the German Cockroach.
After the release of the "2-4-5 Trioxin" gas in the movie "Return of the Living Dead" all of the corpses and individuals exposed, suffered from extreme Zombification.

In the book "The Apocalypse of Enoch" by Shane Moore, the paramilitary group known as Z.O.D. battled people & creatures suffering from Zombification by the Abandon virus, a biblical plague.
by ZOD Boss March 27, 2017
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The process of being transformed into a zombie.
"The zombification of the youth of this nation was achieved by a combination of psychiatric drugs, television, religion, and liberal indoctrination."
by jack larson December 09, 2009
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The state of anyone who is not a morning person before 10:00am. due to lack of alertness, symptoms include shambling, trouble forming coherent scentences that aren't moans, and genarally attacking anyone who garners your attention
mark: -groans-
tom: dude what's up with mark?
brad: don't bother him, he's still got morning zombification.
tom: -staring at mark- oh.
mark: -shambles to coffee machine-
by seiyo no ryu- October 20, 2011
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n, The process by which the victim refreshes or cycles through a handful of websites over and over mindlessly and without satisfaction.
"Man, I don't want to do my term paper, or anything else for that matter; I am suffering from internet zombification."
by Lee Warrick May 08, 2008
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