"The Press" is the politically correct term for a group of dishonest, conniving, scandalous photographers and journalists who send their articles and photos to trashy magazine companies for money. They spreads lies and gossip about celebrities, they turn facts into fiction, and they dig deep into the lives of innocent people until they find something to write about. They spread dishonest slander about people, especially if they can find an interesting news story.

There seems to be only 1 honest journalist nowadays: Brian Williams. Other than Brian Williams, the rest of the press is no different than the paparazzi.
Press Journalist 1: Look at this scoop! This man robbed a bank!

Press Journalist 2: No he didn't. The robbery was committed by one of the tellers. This man you are writing about is innocent.

Press Journalist 1: Haven't you learned anything about working for "The Press?" It doesn't matter whether or not we get the facts right, what only matters is that the facts are interesting! Now, put it on the front page.

Two weeks later, an innocent man loses his reputation because of a crime he did not commit.
by The Common Satirist July 4, 2013
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Stressed, upset, annoyed. If you're pressed about something it basically means you ain't about that life or you find it pressing
1. I'm hella pressed about how much homework we have due tomorrow. 2. Why does this girl keep trying me? Im pressed!
by mandemm97 January 19, 2017
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Being extremely irritated by someone, something or even a situation.
Kyle lied to Carly again and the whole situation just has me pressed.
by youngnoodle47 March 9, 2017
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When someone is getting angry or mad at another’s actions.
“Why’s she getting so pressed about not winning the basketball game
by JohnnyTheSaviour August 9, 2019
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Stressed, Upset, Annoyed, Bothered. If you find something pressing you aren’t about that life. You are bothered by it.
Dona Tella was Pressed about the long line at the bar and the price of the drinks
by BrianBedHead June 19, 2018
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To approach someone in a disrespectfull way or to confront someone and question them.
Kid #1: Yo i heard ant was talkin mad smack about you
Kid #2: aiight imma press him and find out if he was
by g MacK46 August 1, 2008
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To be very annoyed or mad.
Person A: What’s wrong with her?
Person B: I don’t know she’s been really pressed lately.
by MichaelKlump December 17, 2019
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