A hospital you never ever want to be admitted to. We all have that one wacko job for a relative or friend. Multiply that by like 300 and stick them all in a tiny room painted baby blue and make them talk about the issues they have and watch them go. It's like playing a game of stick the yellow shapes in the right spots and wait for the red box to explode and blow pieces everywhere. If you live near one I suggest you move because the crazy ass-holes break out the glass and run free. Then it is like playing a game of "Where's Weirdo". I worked at one and I will say that I could not wait to get to work. There was never a dull moment. If you love caos and mayhem you really should consider a career at the nut house.
Working at a psychiatric hospital is like having a year long pass to the freak show.
by Raina Walters October 11, 2007
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the desire to become a psychiatrist, falsely label others as mentally ill, and then to treat them with harmful methods for a profit
Dr. Cutdabrain was yet another victim of psychiatrism
by Elvin F. Verdad July 11, 2008
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A popular practice in prison when a convict reaches a level of boredom or emptiness so severe that he or she embarks upon a plan to go “playcrazy” in order to get some sightseeing done and a temporary change in housing and usually much better meals in what may be an ingenious process of self-care.
I knew that I’d be seen as manipulative if I followed through with my prison savvy plan to take a psychiatric vacation but I was willing to suffer the blowback because quite frankly, my emotional needs are more important than my reputation at this point in my life.
by Dr Bunnygirl October 16, 2019
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An illness of the mind or brain which causes major disruption in a person's thinking, feelings and behaviour, and which is serious enough to require medical intervention. Also known as mental illness or mental disorder.
by Doc_B April 16, 2015
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Psychiatric capitalism, also psychiatric neoliberalism, is a term used to refer to the idea majority of mental health services, such as psychology and psychiatry, actually works for capitalism and neoliberalism, creating mental illnesses in order to increase the capitalism inside mental health. The term is heavily used to refer to what DSM and NIMH actually do.
"Psychiatric capitalism is a serious problem, it lead into things like psychiatrizationism, psychiatrism and scientific centrism."

"Anarcho-scientism would be good to counter psychiatric capitalism and scientific centrism... The problem is how to do it."
by Full Monteirism January 24, 2021
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A walrus who keeps food from his family, while showing it to them from a distance. (Common in northern Canada)
The lone walrus on the hill is a psychiatric sinner.
by jacketsjsp November 14, 2014
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Nurses how are trained to ask the right questions at the right time. With the right questions they bring people to belief important things about them they didn’t know before. Psychiatric nurses make "inceptions", like in the movie Inception. They are able to handle badass aggression from patients and are able to deal with devastating life stories. They are often overwhelmed by usual hospital equipment but their communication skills are super impressive.
Sweets and coffee are truly important to survive.
Wow, this patient just shouted at this nurse and she just remained calm- that must be a psychiatric nurse.
by dawn2122 September 25, 2020
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