An animated television show that is on Netflix published by Riot Games and spent longer making the TV show than fixing their own game.
Guy 1: Arcane is so good!
Guy 2: Better than their balance team?
by Himherdinger November 13, 2021
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A Mysterious power or force that is very deep and only understandable by those who weild it.
The business man knew nothing about the arcane, but the mage did.
by Unknown.....311 January 12, 2009
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known or understood by little or few; only known by a small group.
The discovery of treasure at Troy was kept arcane and the archaeologist smuggled the jewels away, claiming that it was for "the safety of historical treasures".
by S.L. Preville December 1, 2009
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Arcane is a synonym for virigins, if you dont had sex yet you are an arcane
Person 1: Jennifer is so cute, we cuddled all night
Person 2: Oh cool, did you lost the arcane status?
Person 1: No
Person 2: Thats ok, when we are gonna record our new sniping teamtage?
by MaskenManfred November 24, 2021
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arcan is savage and fun and khloes homie ayye
arcan is frindly
by aye gang gang November 27, 2018
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