The masked man said in a fiendish manner...
It was a fiendish place to look at...
The girl danced in a fiendish manner...
Grimly Fiendish...The Damned
by Fiendish Female March 31, 2006
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Used to describe something (eg. an all-nighter) a bit mad/crazy/wicked etc. for various reasons, usually relating to alcohol/drug intake.
"did you see how many bennie's kel did last night?!!"
"yes! he had such a fiendish one the nutter!"
by little sister of eluria July 1, 2006
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the way to be.
Did you see that girl? She was so fiendish i got a stiffy!
by FiendishPhoenixx February 3, 2004
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Fiendish: A Scottish catchphrase

The quality or state of fiendishness/being fiendish.

Can refer to sex, cool things, cute things, difficult things and things that capture the essence of spooky, radicalness and more.
"We were fiendish last night" 😏

"That's so fiendish!" 😈

"My dinner was so totally fiendish"

"That music artist's new album was hella fiendish."

"My gym session was so fiendish!"
by Lil Fiendy November 28, 2021
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A word that describes pathetic action of people who talk shit
Did you hear how Sam was talking about matt? That’s some fiendish shit.
by Swaggy chick May 20, 2022
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Someone you absolutely despise because they have annoyed you for so long. Usually used in a comical, or sarcastic sense.
Person A: You Fiendish Fiend!
Person B: Hah! got your nose!
by Lord Jonathan Elton June 7, 2015
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