your a fat means just like calling someone fat.
hay anita "your a fat"
by georgie1111 April 15, 2007
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It’s worst than granny tranny but it kills on impact.It will destroy the world if you say this so use it wisely since you can only use it once
Joe: your mom gay
Matt:No you
Joe: your granny tranny
Matt:your cat fat attack
Joe: *dies* this is the worst spell of the century!!

your cat fat attack means that you kill them on impact and they explode.
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a type of slur, or insult mostly used by American stereotypes. It can also be a relative of the phrases like, "ur gay", "ur mom", and plenty of more.
It can also be used by a person with terrible roasting, and just saying "your fat" when you weigh only 102 pounds.
Elementary & Middle school kids, (and sometimes highschoolers) say it for cool, trying not to get a rejection from the "cool kids".
"dude, your fat go get some Mcdonalds like get a LIFE."
" your so fat, you can't be invited to the cool kids like US!"
"that guy is so fat, he must be a sumo wrestler! 'hey guy, YOUR FAT!"
by adrianatheliteral December 9, 2021
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It's a derivative of the "Your mom" insult. The function varies slightly from the original insult as it specifies the condition the so-called "mom" is in.
Rob: Your mom Is fat.
8yo kid: *cross*
by November 12, 2020
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to ejaculate. Comes from the resemblance of semen to white fat.
Shoot your fat allover my face baby!

I shot my fat all over his face.
by annonaymous December 2, 2005
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