The most devastating insult known to mankind. Easily repels all insults, including "your mom gay" and "your dad lesbian" and will absolutely decimate your opponent's pride as well as their will to live. Due to its destructive nature, it should only be used in grave situations.
Bob: Your mom gay!
Jim: Your dad lesbian!
Bob: You leave me no choice, Jim
Jim: No! Don't do it!
Bob: your granny tranny
*Jim collapses from cardiac arrest*
by <**> March 16, 2018
A roast or one’s mother’s mother in saying she is transgender.
Carl-“your dad lesbian
Lug-“your granny tranny”
by Salty Dry March 12, 2018
The most ultimate insult to finish off the filthy peasant that thought he could counter your attack by saying "your dad lesbian".
by Swagrosoft March 21, 2018
this comeback is way better than your mom gay and your dad lesbian
-your mom gay
-no your dad lesbian
-your gr....
-your grann...
-your granny tranny
*kills himself*
by ALonelyEdgyTeenager March 10, 2018
Calling ones grandmother a trans is much worse than your mom gay and your dad lesbian combined
when used the sun moves one inch closer to earth
Carl:Your mom gay lol
Bob:Your dad lesbian
Frank: your granny tranny
The sun engulfs mercury
by Meme master boi March 15, 2018