adjective, commonly or popularly but often inaccurately so termed
the so-called 'smut' you are referring to is, in fact, a work of art
by geniusfy July 28, 2006
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All purpose adjective to convey contempt, derision, or inferiority.
The so-called Patriot Act presumes that a patriot would support illegal searches and the sacrifice of hard won liberty.
by mandingoe April 27, 2004
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Donald Trump. A way to refer to the man in the highest public office without degrading the dignity of said office. Can be used with or in place of his name.
Person A: Did you watch the so-called president's inauguration?
Person B: Hell no.

At 6 a.m., so-called President Trump tweeted, "children with cancer are weak losers. Sad!"
by UncleJoeBiden January 15, 2017
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Some guy who thinks life is all about sex, getting fuckered on alcohol, weed, and having a lesbian girlfriend while still calling himself a Christian. This guy also claims to have dropped out of uni because he was on the wrong course, obviously he DROPPED out, why? Because he failed.
But yet still has the decency to call former friends a flop.
Fuck you dumbass, my life is better off without you.
I won't see you in hell, also I wont see you with any qualifications either. Ha!

Someone who you think is your friend but turns out not to be, can be classed as a Frenemy or Backstabber

Someone who is a hypocrite and talks shit about you when they themselves are the epitome of what is So-Called friend and failure.
Friend 1: I can't believe he said that. =O
Friend 2: Puh, So-Called friend indeed.
by Mari~ November 19, 2009
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Those girls who attempt to be preppy and fall into style by wearing North face (or other brand) fleece jackets, carry knock-off designer purses that are ridiculously huge, wear Ugg boots with the "fur" showing, wear moccasins, wear their high school's t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants, have thick neon colored headbands in their hair, wear an atrocious up-do in their hair and it's held together with 10+ bobby pins, own something embroidered, and have fake bake tans. These girls also strive to look dressy when going to nice places, but are not recognizable outside of dressy affairs because of the usual sloppy appearance. These girls often criticize others for looking messy or gross even when they are not dressed nice. Also, these girls tend not to be the most hygienic. This is more common with girls in private, uniform wearing high schools. A subcategory of preppy.
so-called style girl: omg. are those the same pants that you wore yesterday?
normal girl: wow, you're wearing uggs with a miniskirt and you're dissing me?

so-called style girl1: omg i don't have a green headband to match this outfit
so-called style girl2: girl, what's wrong with you? I'd lend you mine but it has my intials on it
by alx-nichole February 22, 2010
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love is kind, love is good.
love is NOT having sex then get nocked up with a baby that you don't even know if it is yours.
brule:come lets have sex!!

ME:no lets snuggle

brule:nooo i want it noww!

ME: no cause the next thing you know i will be on that show 16 and......

brule:u thing too much i bet i can calm your feelings....

so called LOVE
by lab871 December 16, 2010
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