this is deadass the worst insult you could ever use against someone. any time it is used it will automatically end their career in one strike.
Jeff: hello sir
CEO: get out of my office
Jeff: your mom gay
CEO: *dies*
by HeyBeter February 14, 2018
The worst insult you could ever use against someone. This will literally end their career and social life.
Dan: Hey how are yo-
Jonah: your mom gay
Dan: *is fucking obliterated*
by Ignam February 28, 2018
by far the most deadly weapon in your arsenal when someone tries to roast you or insults you in any shape or manner. It will literally end their life in a very swift manner.
Manager: fuck out my office David

David: Your mom gay
Manager: *is fucking obliterated*
by Mr_Sister_Fister March 30, 2018
A common insult or meme used in jest, sometimes shortened to "mom gay". Because of its wording it causes prompt laughing and in extreme cases, prolapsing of the anus.
Jeff: My name Jeff
*Jason decends on unknowing prey*
Jason: Your mom gay
Jason: Yeet
by Canableman654 January 6, 2018
"your mom gay" is a joke that can be used to infer that the other party's mother is "gay"
your mom gay
no u
by KhaoZs March 3, 2018
this is how to completly destroy anyone.
Guy 69420: hi

Guy 2: your mom gay
Guy 69420: (gets deleted from existince)
by how many pseudonyms are there November 19, 2021