An older guy who pretends he knows-it-all but you realize he dont know shit. All mouth. Example: Fat IT guy at work who fucks up your 'puter so you cant get on YouTube.
{whistle} yo, wisely, you fucked up the innernet. I ought to chiff yo tin ass.
by Manfred "/Bloomfield" Gabriel September 7, 2006
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To be wise is to see things clearly by connecting pieces together like a puzzle to see the big picture. Typically people who are wise have a GOOD sense of their world around them; therefore they have GOOD common sense
I bet that wise man over there can help steer you in the right direction!
by yojerup December 14, 2017
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when someone is wise it means they know whats going on
they see deeper then you
you usually go to these people for answers
but they are always there
"hey omg i just got the best advice from that wise kid over there"
by SHMUSH November 29, 2007
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Really good to be reminded not to get attached to the external world, to remember the teachings and to keep focused on what is more important than getting caught in cycles of patterned thoughts and reactions that aren't necessarily doing much for you.
by Eleni Gekas July 16, 2010
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1. being of greater smartness than those surrounding you

2. Being of wise ancestors

3. What you say when you forgot the word "wisdom"!
1. Ya' know that I got some more wiseness than all ya'll dumb asses put together!

2. My great grandpa was really smart; I ended up with all of his wiseness!

3. Damn I'm so smart, I got some good "wiseness"!
by RamboY April 26, 2009
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(adj.) Being full of wisdom; wise application of knowledge to the fullest degree; complete in wisdom; full to overflowing with wisdom; frickin' awesome-sauce.
That was a wiseful breakfast with Dallas Willard. He's just so gosh darn full of wisdom.

Yoda. 'Nuff said.
by Taneron. March 9, 2012
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very clever man
this kid is wise
by sabaaa September 13, 2008
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