"You're" is the strongest argument winner. If you correct your opponents your to you're, you have automatically won the argument (unspoken law for human conversation).

Some argue that the "they're" correction is stronger, however, anyone who believes this is disillusioned and an uncivilized swine.
Idiot - Your so stupid.
Smart Fellow - Excuse me, I believe the correct grammar for that statement is "You're so stupid."
by JLoh_Loh October 31, 2017
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How idiots spell the possessive adjective "your" when they think they have mastered not to misuse it.
Lelo: What's you're e-mail address?
Boba: What's I'm e-mail address??
Lelo: No, what's you're e-mail address?
by Johans February 15, 2008
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John: your stupid
Ben: *you're. Who's stupid now? you fucking idiot
John: *dies*
by loilnibba420 March 28, 2018
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A word that I wish people would actually use when they're supposed to.
<C> Your dumb!
<JB> It's "you're". Idiot.
by Jagfire June 21, 2003
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a versatile burn, most effective in situations where a comeback is really inappropriate
A: "Look at my new shoes!"
B: "You're a shoe."
by Dellaca March 25, 2007
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A word most people on the Internet cannot spell
Person 1: Your full of shit!
Person 2: Your grammar is shit!

Person 1: Your such an asshole!
Person 2: You're not worth my time.
by Restoring for over five years February 19, 2015
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Yes, this word exists.

Simply put, a contraction that means "you are." Overlooked by morons who wouldn't know proper grammar if it dismembered them and fed their limbs to Ronald McDonald.

If you find yourself confusing it with "your," replace it with "you are" and see if it makes sense (i.e. read it aloud).
YOU'RE a sad excuse for a human being and YOUR parents should be ashamed they even thought of having you if you still can't tell the difference between the two.
by Yopmail User July 2, 2023
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