Jail Bait. A girl or boy who is underage.
Back off dude. She's JB.
by Lauren Gio December 29, 2005
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Anyone with the initials "JB" are instantly cool. If they happen to have a fancy name all the better. Examples include James Bond, Jack Black, Occasionally Justin Bieber etc. These people are usually held in high regard, as the superior initials for nicknames over others such as a TJ or PJ. These are people you want to know.
by walker nexus 3 October 7, 2019
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A person you can count on and a person you can tell anything and he has some swag and he is hella fine
Yo man that boy right there i know him his name JB damn he got some swag look at him.
by Chu-chu-tang February 4, 2018
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A dirty whore who thinks she is entitled unconditional love, even when she fucks ur friends and will stalk you for ur attention by getting you fired and fucking ur friends, and by trying to get her whore friends to fuck you as well.
Hey u still talking to that girl
Me: oh u mean JB, naw she got buthurt because I don't wanna date a girl who be fucking everyone.
Friend: well she must be lonely and miserable
Me: naw she doing great, she's been happily in a relationship for the last 6 years with 25 different guys and is usually single for about negative two days in-between her victims
by Noteatsmggeets December 5, 2016
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"Yo that muh-fucka is JB, don't go near him."
by Diego July 31, 2003
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The initials of a ton of people some awesome, some... not so much. The awesome include Jack Barakat, Jess Bowen, James Bond, and many others.

The not-so-awesome include Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, and many others.
Person: Eh yo JB!
Justin Bieber: What?
Person: God, not you. JB!
Jonas brothers: What?
Person: NOT YOU. JB!
Jack Barakat: Yeah?
Person: *sighs* finally
by coldashype July 10, 2011
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