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While dressed up as Elmo, you slice someone's dick off while the both of you are masturbating and carry the severed dick to a preschool. Make sure you have a woman with you. In the preschool, you enter a classroom, interview the youngest child, and ask them vaguely sexual questions while keeping the severed dick a secret. When the child least expects it, you strip the woman naked, shove the severed dick in the woman's mouth in front of the child (and everyone else, for that matter), and use the blood from the severed penis to draw a dick on her boobs. You must then throw the severed dick in the teacher's mouth, assume control of her laptop, and play snuff films on the smartboard.
This definition of Sesame Street was sponsored by the letter D!
by Yopmail User August 14, 2022
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While dressed up as Elmo, you shit and piss in a girl's mouth and vagina and engage in mutual masturbation with her boyfriend before slicing his dick off. Then, you take some of the boy's blood and pour it in the girl's vagina. You must then make your way to the nearest preschool, carrying the severed dick and the naked girl with you. While you're at it, you must ask the youngest child vaguely sexual questions and, when everyone least expects it, you hijack the teacher's computer to play snuff films, strip the girl naked, rub the severed penis in everyone's faces, and violently rape everyone in sight. Make sure you have the whole thing on tape.
After doing the Sesame Street with a girl and some kids, I got out of the preschool and made a run for it, knowing damn well the cops would be onto me.
by Yopmail User August 23, 2022
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A sex act in which the man must shove a large bottle of Diet Coke up his ass (the cap facing outward), open it, drop Mentos in it, and quickly position the bottle so that the opening is inside of the girl's vagina. If the bottle is positioned correctly, this will cause Diet Coke and Mentos to rush to every corner of her reproductive system, which will be destroyed as a result, resulting in severe pain. The man will then yell statements Redditors deem "holy," such as "FORTNITE IS HITLER AND MINECRAFT IS JESUS AND ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE IS A NAZI!!!" Using the girl's boobs as a canvas, the man must draw a Snoo while using her vaginal fluids as fingerpaint. Shitting in the girl's mouth afterwards optional.
Jill woke up in severe pain the next morning after being given a Reddit by her boyfriend, Jim.
by Yopmail User July 10, 2022
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Mentions of donut restaurants are telltale signs that the dude you're talking to is actually an undercover cop who's ready to molest you.
by Yopmail User December 25, 2022
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Pleasing the plumbers occurs when one's sexual attraction to someone else drives them to fuck their crushes by any means necessary. Pleasing the plumbers can include but is not limited to stalking/cyberstalking, sexting, making comments on body parts, voyeurism, and asking for sexual favors. Pleasers of plumbers will ignore their crushes' discomfort and relentlessly seek the opportunity to fuck them. Thus, consent is not an issue.
Hitler's been sexually harassing that little girl, even after she told him to stop! He must be pleasing the plumbers!
by Yopmail User August 22, 2022
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Get the fuck off Urban Dictionary before you land yourself on a sex offender list. Keep your minute genitals in your pants. Pervert.
by Yopmail User July 4, 2023
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The fact that you just looked up what "nobody" means tells me you are the dumbest nobody who has ever lived.
by Yopmail User August 16, 2022
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