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Did I ever tell you the definition of stupidity? Stupidity is when retards like you look up "definition" on Urban Dictionary.
by Yopmail User June 30, 2022
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The fear of a dentist walking in on you licking your own tongue while browsing Urban Dictionary.
Studies have shown that people with dentoautotouloungeaurbanolexicophobia are more likely to shit and piss in dentists' mouths.
by Yopmail User September 3, 2022
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To simultaneously shit and piss in a girl's mouth. Using her mouth as a bowl, you must use a spoon to fish out parts of the mixture (which now contains saliva, and possibly vomit), which you then eat. Once her mouth is (mostly) free of shit and piss, you must spit the mixture in her vagina and perform cunnilingus on her. Bonus points if she is having her period. Swallow when you are finished.
Guy 1: wanna "go out" to eat?
Girl 1: YEAH!!!!!
Guy 1: good, come over to my place tomorrow
*The next day*
Guy 1 (while shitting and pissing): HNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG
Girl 1: S-STO- *garglegarglegarglegargle*
by Yopmail User July 9, 2022
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A fucking overrated book series created by J.K. Rowling, with emphasis on "J.K.," as it's nothing more than a fucking joke. The books revolve around an 11-year-old nobody named Harry Potter who discovers that making sounds with his mouth while holding twigs allows him to shoot differently-colored beams of light with varying effects. Wow. That's super fucking original. The books also try and fail to be dark and mature by killing off fan favorites... where have we seen this before? Harry's enemy is a noseless stonehead who hates him for no fucking reason. Harry and his cliches always win in the end, which should not surprise anyone because it's a children's book series.

Harry Potter is also a sex act in which you shit, piss, and pour Diet Coke and Mentos down a girl's mouth and vagina while yelling stupid, retarded gibberish so you can pretend you're casting spells. You will then need to shove a log down her anus and vagina while pissing all over her. Then, you must shit and piss all over the Harry Potter books, throw them in a blender, and pour the mixture all over the girl's mouth, eyes, and vagina. You must then cum in her vagina while saying "fuck" and give her head afterwards. Finally, you'll need to shove a flashlight and some matches down her vagina and up her anus to give yourself the impression that you really are a wizard.
After shitting all over the Harry Potter books, I did the Harry Potter with the girl next door. I sure hope she likes her new fucked-up vagina and anus!
by Yopmail User August 23, 2022
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To anally fist naked children in public, give them Diet Coke and Mentos up the ass, shit and piss in their eyes and mouths, and force them to violently rape each other whilst shitting in each other's mouths, in that order.
Justin Bieber hello'd a bunch of children at the mall after learning that there is porn of BrainPop.
by Yopmail User August 25, 2022
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Reserved only for the worst of the worst. People labeled as such are worse than assholes, dumber than idiots, weirder than spergs, more annoying than Bieber, more heinous than villains, and more disgusting than public bathrooms. Most likely all of the above.
get the fuck off the fucking computer, lethargic gruppenfücker
by Yopmail User June 26, 2022
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A horrible website made worse by its extremely toxic community. The meme generator is actually pretty good, but the site's users act pissy and entitled over the stupidest reasons. 98% of the userbase gang rapes their brethren as soon as they post anything pertaining to upvotes. The site's users also post horrible memes that can and will cause AIDS. 99% of the site's user-made streams are hell on Earth thanks to their stupid followers who plague said streams with Ebola. There are a handful of normal, sensible people who use Imgflip, but they make up only 0.01% of the userbase. Fucking with the userbase, however, is always lots of fun, given their sensitivity. Overall a fucking shithole.

Keep in mind that the site wasn't always like this. Before 2019, the community was actually bearable and the memes weren't cancer, making the site fun to visit before then. Those days are over. Imgflip sucks now.
Fuck Imgflip and its massive hate boner.
by Yopmail User June 27, 2022
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