The one before, the last one passing, or the previous
"That chick that just yestered was hot!"
"Did you pass the yester test."
by Paul and Scott November 28, 2003
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a slang term used in place of the word 'yesterday'
we had a little get together yesters.
by 007 November 10, 2003
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Nigel: I say, Basil, I had rather too much to drink yester-eve.
Basil: I suppose that would explain your vomiting this morn.
by Sir Sleeps-a-Lot December 30, 2005
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A term your English Teacher made up in order to describe the class you had yesterday.
"please refer to yester-lesson"

"Sir what are we doing today?"
"Continuing work from yester-lesson"
by Debra Biblooby August 30, 2019
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Being mired in thoughts and innovations of the past rather than forward-thinking.
I was so mired in yester-think that I didn't realize that technology was evolving all around me.
by Aaron78 May 9, 2007
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A year and a day ago.
You promised me yester-last-year that you'd be be here within a year. It's too late now.
by Renfran March 14, 2017
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