Will analyze the shit out of any classic novel or Poem. Seriously, someone could write 'Immy took a book' and an English teacher would think 'oh wow the word 'Immy' is spelt in a way to symbolize political incorrectness...' I don't know how they do it, but they take things so out of context. Coincidentally, context is one of their favourite things in the world. Other than Shakespeare, of course.
My English Teacher spelt my name wrong. Again.
by Englishteachersarebad1 December 30, 2020
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Most of them are sad communists.
Billy: "Hey Johnny, how's it going today?"
Johnny: "Nothing much, but my english teacher played the soviet national anthem all through class"
by IlIlIllllIIIIIl February 11, 2019
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Empty bags of air, mostly, who kill great works of literature by being super boring and lame. All except that one who taught you about life and how to live it.
Today my English teacher made us make papier-mâché masks representing Hamlet’s antic disposition or some shit like that....idk, I have an A.
by Shitty_english_teacher September 30, 2021
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A nasty bitch who purposefully gets pregnant to wag school and smoke blunts while students have to deal with a cunt of a relief teacher for months.
"Jesus, Mrs. Stevenson is such an English Teacher, What A Nasty Bitch" "IKR, I Heard She A Prossie Downtown for the state housing gang"
by Captain Fuck Knuckle August 18, 2022
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Every single English Teacher is a waste of space and is a waste of time apart from two. The two good English Teachers are usually female. when you meet the first English Teacher they will seem funny, polite and nice; but really they are horrible, discouraging and rude people, and don't get me started on the Head of English.
"Oh my god, the English Teachers today, just turning around on me like that jeez, I'm so fed up of them. Can't believe they would just quick me out my class and tutor like that."
"Today was horrible, I had English, and my English Teacher just made ten times worse that it already worse: first accusing me of flirting with them secondly, shouting my name out in-front of everyone in class and just being there watching over everyone and making us do even more work on boring comers."
by Maddie.03 December 30, 2020
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A dumb fucking monkey that wanted to be a teacher but she was too retarded so she settled for English . They tend to have a FUCKING MASSIVE ego and they think what they do is important, even though they have the attention span of an un-laised fucking shoe
by BiggerMike November 28, 2018
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Sticker fingers, blind dater who likes blow jobs something called a star six nine for him and her.
english teacher or some other teacher.
by europopian August 7, 2009
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