4 definitions by Debra Biblooby

A common expression used when something goes wrong.
"We are breaking up"
"Fuckin' Hell Michaela!"
by Debra Biblooby August 27, 2019
A baseball cap is a close-fitting cap with a curved part at the front that sticks out above your eyes.
when you have purchased a beautiful baseball cap, that provides you with a strip of LED light.
"hey Margret guess what I purchased on wish last night"
"let me guess, a golden dick trophy"
by Debra Biblooby August 29, 2019
" Hey, does anybody have a deodorant"
"I can only provide a ROLL ON"
"A roll-on is a kind of deodorant"
by Debra Biblooby August 27, 2019
A term your English Teacher made up in order to describe the class you had yesterday.
"please refer to yester-lesson"

"Sir what are we doing today?"
"Continuing work from yester-lesson"
by Debra Biblooby August 30, 2019